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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    Yes, shirt sleeves cover those up.
    hahah. It's confusing. I see what you meant now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudo View Post
    Hmmm not really. I think When I see a tattoo I think of it as being a part of them rather than just on them. So if I start looking at a persons tattoo I feel like I'm looking at their body but also their mind (an expression of it). I reread your other post and I'm interpreting it as the idea that you find that tattoo distracting and treat it as a separate visual image on the person . You see and think of the symbol divorced from the person?

    The difference between thinking of this :

    in comparison to being drawn in a train of thought about this:


    That butthole tattoo girl is retarted and I'm guessing has some serious mental/emotional issue. That's a big judgement but just based on that action and her generall demeanor and pattern of speech she seem like someone looking for destruction. And it's sad that if that is the case all of these people around her just enjoy the spectacle of it.

    Maybe not thought. Maybe she's a healthy individual who is simply expressing her self.
    I do both. Just depends on the circumstance.

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    Anew Leaf


    I have vaguely toyed with the idea of a tattoo, but if I did one, I would have to design and draw it myself. Which would mean it would have to have 32 flavors of layers to it with insane meaning to which point I think, why not put this on a wall instead of my skin?

    and there the idea dies on a page, as a dream of ink and lead and my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    Ok with one or two. But generally not a fan.

    Have fun getting a non service industry job with sleeves.
    One of the surgeons who took out my appendix had sleeves.

    Terrible things happen to good people every day.
    Consequentially, I am not one of the good people.
    I am one of the terrible things.

    Conclusion: Dinosaurs

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    Some of the hangups from the naysayers in this thread are funny. "But what if it's not popular in 20 years!?" Oh the horror.

    I'm biased obviously, but it's interesting to see what people love enough to put on their bodies; ideas, shapes, colours, or just totems of things they like. Sleeves and huge dragons and asian characters on the weeaboos I've never understood but that's more a critique on your taste than judgement for tattooing in particular.

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    I like 'em. They're attractive on the opposite sex. I have a few... ankle, shoulder, and my lower back.
    - MB

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    Yes but what would I get? I can't really think of anything "meaningful," hence the pure as a baby's bottom skin all over me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Yes but what would I get? I can't really think of anything "meaningful," hence the pure as a baby's bottom skin all over me.
    Haha, I hadn't noticed until now that your avatar is provocatively naked.

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    It's cute that you think that's provocative.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    i'm ambivalent about tattoos. i don't have any because i can't think of any one thing i'd be comfortable having on my body for the rest of my life. i'm not against the idea though, if i thought of something i really liked and that was important to me, i'd do it. as far as other people, i really like some tattoos and some people can pull them off well. but there are soooo many stupid tattoos and i think it's so dumb for someone my age to already be covered in them. my 18 year old step-brother has a face tattoo

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