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Thread: What annoys you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airporte View Post
    Slurping noises when someone eats soup, and that squeaky sound when some people eat. Oh jeez, it's unbearable.
    Eating with mouth open
    Chewing gum with mouth open (no it doesn't make you look cool)
    Lip smacking
    Teeth sucking
    Any repulsive noise with the mouth

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    When people belch in your face and think it's funny and then proceed by asking you to rate their burp on a scale of 1-10. FAIL.
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    People who refuse to talk to me for a month when I haven't done my home work (which are all of my class mates, they're all nerds).
    People who want me to change my life style because it's "sů, like, NOT normal!" (o please, why don't you become more "like, NOT normal!!!).
    Whenever my family takes me to a restaurant (I hate, hate, HATE restaurants! And they know it!).
    Boring stuff/people.
    People who blame me for finding hem boring.
    80s pop music.
    People talking about the crisis like I should care and who are surprised if I'm not (dude, they're already talking about it in the news all the time, so why bother me more?!).
    14 year old rich white boys who pretend that they're from the ghetto (why don't they just behave like rich white boys?).
    Teenagers who complain about their virginity (I mean, come on, I know I'll stay a virgin forever, but you don't see me crying about that?!).
    My dad when he's eating.
    My mom when she's being a doormat.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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    -People who are oblivious to those who feel lonely or out of place.
    -Being looked at by men old enough to be my dad.
    -Arrogant guys who make eye contact with you because they want you to look at their gorgeous selves.
    -People who only answer with one word, even to hilarious jokes and deep insights. "Wow."
    -My mom, who has the hearing of a freaking bat. Tonight I was reading SILENTLY upstairs. She was trying to sleep downstairs. She made me go to bed because: "you were moving too much on the couch!"
    -Morning people!!!!
    -People who complain about how horrible their lives are, when they have absolutely nothing valid to complain about.
    -People who fish for compliments.
    -Passive aggressive behavior.
    -Being idealized, then being ripped apart for "transforming into a completely different person" the second I do something unfavorable.
    -People who are hung-up on details.
    -People who complain about my disorganization.
    -Vague test questions.
    Everybody needs love.

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    -Perpetual victims
    -The colour orange.
    -People who blow smoke into my face. People who smoke in crowded/enclosed places, period.
    -Overly bossy people. They tend to stress me out and make me nervous, so I do a worse job than I should have due to the additional pressure.
    -People who blame their circumstances on everything/everyone except themselves.
    -Pretentious people.
    I am an ENFP but I value justice over mercy.

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    Unexpected visitors.

    Being forced to do something against my will!

    People who complain.

    People who change themselves in order to fit in, and you know it's a struggle for them to do so! Then they try to justify their actions whenever it seems out of line with whatever they are trying to fit in with. UGH! just embrace who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11oneone:steam:

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaphours View Post
    Guy #1: No, what I think you mean is that your an incompetent slacker who can't even put out the extra buck to buy his girlfriend a decent dinner, that's what I think you mean.

    You see what I mean. Post what annoys you.
    When people make punctuation errors (see bolded).

    (you're, not your)

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    Not a whole lot... here's the main things:

    When people call me "dear" or "darling" or "sweety" or any other saccharine endearment. God, shut the hell up.

    People who take themselves way too seriously and expect other people to operate the same way.

    People who think they're "better" than others.

    When people belittle or demean a person that holds different views than their own.
    "So I say, live and let live. Thatís my motto. Live and let live.
    Anyone who canít go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker."
    - George Carlin

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    College freshmen

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    When people make punctuation errors (see bolded).

    (you're, not your)
    How about: I gave the dog it's dinner.
    If this is the best of possible worlds, what then are the others?
    ‚Äē Voltaire, Candide

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