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Thread: What's the rudest thing you've ever done?

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    darn i thought I'll get the a-hole award. but no one even noticed it. guess Athenian200 beat me to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curzon View Post
    darn i thought I'll get the a-hole award. but no one even noticed it. guess Athenian200 beat me to it.
    I am surprised you still stayed that reserved with your answer, I would have without question prolly resented to physical violence
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
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    Quote Originally Posted by metaphours View Post
    Wow, man... No offense, but you need to get out more.
    I'm the "product" of interracial "breeding," and if someone said that to me, I would get really, really offended.
    I don't get why that would offend you? That is what you are right? It seems most mixed people are insecure about their ethnicity because they don't feel like they belong anywhere or something right?

    I however look at it in a totally different perspective, if I was a "product of interracial breeding" I would actually be proud.

    In biology this is whats called an F1 hybrid, the offspring often carry the best of both genes from their parents and become superior to the originals. Also less inbreeding equals less chance of genetic deficiency and diseases.

    I would get mad if someone called me a mut though.

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    You know what? If I have ever been rude, it has been warranted. If someone has pwerceived me to be rude, then most likely they are mentally unstable or just plain freaking hyper-ensitive. I am a well intended person that goes out of my way to have positive interactions with others. If someone compels me to be rude, they most likely have it coming... Whatever I do mess up, I fix, so I am not worried about this...

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    The rudest thing I think I've ever said was racist, and actually deliberate, but not meant to be rude.

    It was supposed to be a joke/comeback thing and, well, it was pretty bad.

    It's a good thing the girl is still friends with me- she's easy-going and I guess it was somewhat evident that I didn't mean to be so crass. Guess what I'm never going to say again!

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    two at first place one through my friend out of the car while she was wasted on her front of her conservative anti drinking parent's yard and drove a way.

    second one hoped my exroom mate would die when tried to commit suicide i even started subtley confirming everything she thought was wrong with her I'd agree on her negative views on herself.

    i don't know if the second one's actually rude.
    by @magpie

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    I feel really terrible about this.

    It happened a few years ago when I was a freshmen in High School.

    Don't judge me, I spoke without thinking and have since regretted it. I feel so bad, and have since apologized profusely.

    We had a fire drill in Mid March. There were puddles of muddy slush all around us. A girl in my class was walking back from dropping off the attendance slip and was walking by when someone backed up into her and she fell completely over into one of these puddles and was completely drenched with wet sandy mud and slush.

    Me, being the Extrovert that I am, thought it humorous at the very second it happened. I yelled "Look! Tess fell into the puddle! Everyone, point and laugh!" And they did. I said it loud enough so that almost everyone around turned and laughed. If only I hadn't have said that, it would have saved her from being so humiliated.

    She had to go the rest of the day drenched in mud because she didn't have a change of clothes.

    She later told me it was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to her.

    I can't believe I did such a thing. I feel so terrible about it now. You have no idea. I spoke without thinking. Stupid me. I made her day terrible. Knowing that I did that just eats me to death. I realize it wasn't I who had pushed her into the puddle, but knowing that I made it known to everyone, and the site of everyone pointing and laughing is heart wrenching to me.
    Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, and thus stabs us from behind with the thought of annihilation, when beholding the white depths of the milky way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyGrass View Post
    Once, a group of college girls was driving by my BIL and I while we were walking with my then-toddler on the sidewalk, yelling at us and cat calling out their windows, out of boredom I'm sure. The third time around, I shlupped an enormous container of ice water through their open window into their car, completely drenching the main offender, and waved cheerily at them as the stared at me in shock. I guess that was fairly rude of me.

    I did something similar in Walmart I believe about seven years ago. There were these two posers, one male, one female. The male one was sitting in the shopping cart while the other pushed him around. They were trying to be all wacky and zany or something. They kept scaring old people and harassing others doing stuff like making patronizing comments and just being a general nuisance. I saw them doing this as I walked around and waited until they came my way.

    When they did, the guy, in a nasally voice read some slogan or something I had on my shirt in a smug, prick kind of way. So I turned around and knocked the cart he was in over and screamed "AHHH" in the girls face lmao. The guy was like "what's your deal bro??!?" Then the girl tried to get all "oh no you didn't" so I looked her in the eyes, pointing my finger, and told her she and her friend had 10 seconds to leave before things got violent. They left.

    I had no intention of getting violent though. That show/movie Jackass was popular at the time, I think they were trying to mimic the show. Think again bitches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaHa View Post
    Oh wow, what a topic, let's see...

    When I was in middle school, we had a substitute teacher in french class one day. There was a cute girl in french that I enjoyed impressing with my way over-the-top antics. So, I arrived to class 20 minutes late, because I wanted to distract everyone when I came in. I came in with a bag of chips that I was eating, knowing full well that the teacher would tell me to put it away. I ignored this comment fully and continued eating, as if I hadn't heard her at all. I then began to pretend I was deaf, but this was ruined by a goody-to-shoes boy in the front of the class. So I stood up, walked up to him, and poured the rest of my chips down the back of his shirt. It was something of a record for me, the teacher had lost total control within 30 seconds of me entering the class!

    I finally sat down, and began to draw sex organs on paper and fling them at the girls around me. Most made faces, but the one I liked started to giggle. (There's a reason I liked her.) My teacher then irrationally yelled at the fine young lady, leading me to draw a HUGE penis on a piece of paper, turn it into a paper airplane, and throw it at her head. (She was attempting to teach a class through all of this.)

    At this point, she told me to go down to the office (one of my favorite middle school haunts!). I went back to being semi-deaf and said "what?". She repeated herself, leading to me once again asking, "what?". This occurred once more, and then a couple friends of mine joined the course and said "what?" in unison with me. As she began to open her mouth again, I screamed "WHAT?!" to the general delight of my classmates. She then began screaming, and then the whole class began screaming "WHAT!" at the top of our lungs. Love mob psychology.

    She finally screamed that she'd had enough and was calling the principal. She did so, as I led something of a verbal riot in the room. After about two minutes I told everyone to get in their seats, shut up, and wait for the principal. He arrived, clearly confused about why he had been taken away from his busy work to observe a class full of very studious looking kids. She tried to explain that we were out of control just a few moments ago, pointing at me inparticular. I put on my best puzzled look, and asked to speak to the principal privately. I explained to him that this teacher seemed to be mentally unbalanced, and had begun screaming out of nowhere, and that I was upset she was having a nervous breakdown. She was fired by the next day.

    I'd say that was rude. 14 year old ENTP...I was quite a handful. I've matured since.....or become more subtle.
    /end thread

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    All those times I walked down the hallway of school and passed someone I knew without speaking.
    I always tell myself that I will speak if they speak first on a count of times when I waved and got no response
    but I end up feeling bad anyway.

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