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Thread: Thinkers and Charity type-work

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    I should've specified I support political causes more often than traditional charity work. I typically donate money, or help in a way that doesn't require me to interact with other people much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    I should've specified I support political causes more often than traditional charity work. I typically donate money, or help in a way that doesn't require me to interact with other people much.
    For the thread purposes I'd consider any serious commitment of time and money as charity, one doesn't have to be standing around holding hands and singing folk songs.

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    As an NT, for me to engage in charity work I would have to take a personal interest in the subject. Things that are likely to get me to help out are people who are in positions to not help themselves. I think it is because I see helplessness as a form of hell and take a stand for others if this is the case. For instance children's charities will always hit a soft spot in me.

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    i am not sure exactly what is meant by charity work, but my feeling is that i've never done any.

    i am pretty involved in labor unions and immigration, i was really involved in labor unions in Philadelphia.
    we do a lot here locally to try to improve the quality of life.

    i guess to answer the question, when i see people and groups of people that i know up against it, struggling, that motivates me. local issues, with people i know, really get me motivated. because i feel like i can be much more active and involved. and the personal connection to people is a stronger motivator to me.

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    Hmm, as far as being involved in charity in any way, I do it because it's important and I consider it a privilege to be able to help other people. I don't officially volunteer in anything right now, just give money, but when I actually get personally involved it's because I believe I'll have the time to commit for x long (so no flaking out), I think I can help in the area needed, I don't think I will get taken advantage of/coerced to do more and more against my will, and there seems to be a logical plan for getting results. I cannot stand bleeding heart "something needs to be done so jump in without any planning type charities," if there is a need then it should be considered important enough to really think and plan for success.

    Basically, to motivate me to help just convince me it's really important, ask me how much time I could perhaps spend, respect my no (b/c if I do have to say no at the time I am FAR more likely to help later if I don't get pushed), and outline the plan(s) OR need for help developing a plan. Some of my favorite effective charities are things like or or certain quality animal charities.

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    I volunteered in a Food Pantry, sorting the goods so they could easily be found, for more than 8 months.
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    I volunteer at the local SPCA and, at times throughout the year, at a local immigration center (helping new immigrants with their English). I do give $ to charities sometimes, but it's fairly rare. I want to be able to do something concrete - to SEE what effect I'm having, to witness it helping.

    Volunteering makes sense to me because a)I am a huge, huge sucker for animals and b)it's really not very much effort at all to work with the new arrivals, and it seems to help them a lot, even on a social level - just getting to know people in their new country. Plus, they feed me awesome food.
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