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Thread: Racial backgrounds?

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    Russian, German and some Mongolian. So boring
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    Well, there are unmistakably biological and genetic trends within the human race. The invalidity of our current racial system comes from the fact that it is categorically inconsistent.

    If I found an animal, and I figured out it was of the order of Carnivora, and now I wanted to figure out if it was Feliformian or Caniformian, I'd have definitive methods. I could, for example, check its jaw and dentition, to look for traits that are classified specifically as belonging to one or the other.

    I can't do this with humans. I get myself a good old Homo Sapiens, and now I want to figure out if it is Negroid, Mongoloid, or Caucasoid. So, what do I look for? I don't know! There aren't any definitive qualities making up those classes. So, there is no taxonomically correct race.

    The fact of the matter is, scientists could make legitimate racial classifications if they wanted to. They won't, because civil rights people will burn them at stake, under the impression that scientific acknowledgement of race is threatening to equality.

    Of course, you could argue that our current Linean taxonomy system is a train wreck anyhow, for the entire animal kingdom (or empire of life). That's why some people are pushing for a new cladistic taxonomy system that is based on the more recent, and much more scientifically objective trait of evolutionary heritage, and genetic trends. I'd like to point out though, that if we switched to that system, it would still be possible to come up with scientifically correct races, because there are large groups of human beings with different evolutionary heritages.

    The only thing that really complicates this is that civilizations development has caused us to homogenize so much that most of the lineages are running into one again, like a river with tributaries that converge back into one river. Never the less, history, and the simple fact of evolution, tell us that there must be some legitimate basis for classifying races, or sub-species of humans, if we wanted to. I think people are too afraid of the obvious when it comes to race, the obvious being, that had we not globalized, we were going to diverge into multiple species eventually.
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    I am 100% English stock. Both my mother's and father's families go back 350+ years (that's as far as we've been able to figure out) in the southwest of England. Mom's side were apple farmers/cider makers. I'm pale, blonde and hazel-eyed and have been told I "look English" before, although I have never been sure if that's a compliment or an insult. For the record, yes, I had extensive orthodontic work as a teenager. (note the straight teeth on the smiley)

    I'm fascinated to hear people's backgrounds, the cultures and regions they come from. Nor do I think there's something necessarily 'bad' about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    I am 100% English stock.
    For the record, yes, I had extensive orthodontic work as a teenager. (note the straight teeth on the smiley)

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    I am 1/4 Russian, part Irish, part Portuguese, part German, maybe a gram of Mongolian. Oh, and Jewish.

    I get mistaken for as Asian. I have come to terms that it is my eyebrows. Also, my hair is very dark brown.

    Anyways, I am like, 90% European.
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    Someone start a Volksdeutsche usergroup!

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    I am: English 25% Irish 25% Italian 25% Sicilian 25%
    ~I'm looking California, and feeling Minnesota.

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    Cherokee, German, Scots-Irish
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    I'm big bad whitey!
    I am an NF though so I try to keep myself down to balance things out.
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    I think our lines have been 100% Flemish for a long time now - although they managed to trace the paternal line to Spain somewhere in the Middle Ages. We're still pretty dark (though with relatively pale skin). I've been told I look French, Spanish and Greek.

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