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Thread: Views on ghosts/orbs etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Exactly. This is why I don't believe in "the supernatural"- if it happens or exists, it's natural! I fully accept there are things we don't yet understand, but it seems a GIANT leap to assert that they are the spirits of people who have died.
    There've been countless reports of ghostly characters in houses who look exactly like the people who died at that site. And the people reporting these usually don't even know that people had died there. There's a reason over time that people have labeled these things as ghosts and as people who once were living. And why these stories keep getting reported by normal healthy people.

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    I believe in ghosts, but I don't think photos of "orbs" are proof. The first photo looks like dust particles and the second like vapor. The whole orb thing seems silly to me, unless it's something that people saw as the photo was being taken. Even then, it could be swamp gas, light shining off of reflective surfaces, etc. I'm also skeptical about the stories people tell about being woken up in the middle of the night, being unable to move, and then sensing/seeing a presence. Ghosts/aliens get blamed for this, but it's probably sleep paralysis disorder. That's not to say their experiences aren't frightening. I've dealt with it, and it's the most terrifying thing I can remember. It's just that there's a worldly explanation for it that doesn't involve ghosties and ghoulies.

    I still believe that there is something to some of the ghost stories. There are so many of them, and they're in every culture (if there are exceptions, I'd like to know what they are). Most "visitations" have normal, natural explanations. Some have not so normal, but still natural, explanations. The rest...well, I won't claim to know absolutely what's real and what isn't, but I believe that there's more to it than dust particles and hallucinations.

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    Ghosts/spirits and "orbs" do in fact exist, but the thing is, I just call them blobs of energy.

    I have had experience with both. My ESFJ friend can see them, actually. A contributing factor is having a perfect balance in your brain, among other things. A lot of people are skeptical on such matters, as I am generally, but the 100% exist.

    I mean, why wouldn't they? All ghosts/spirits/orbs are are energy. Energy comes in many forms. No reason to fear them, none whatsoever. They don't generally affect, although from my understanding they can drain energy. My understanding being because I have had encounters with ghosts, and the more negative energies are draining as hell.

    Orbs are just concentrations of energy.

    I think it is pretty cool to think about such things, especially since I know they exist, but know so little on them. People should keep a more open mind on such matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antimony View Post
    People should keep a more open mind on such matters.
    Yes, they should, but unfortunately those who believe in such things don't want to listen to alternative explanations. There might be ghosts, shadow people, energy balls and even visiting aliens from other planets, yet it is important to weigh the evidence against the more mundane explanations. Then what, and if, anything remains, we are closer to the proof that such things exist.

    The first picture shown is a known quantity that is far less thrilling than energy balls, especially since they do not appear to be globes, but merely two dimensional circles. The second picture is a bit more difficult to explain since the mist is coming from the left and the darkness eliminates reference to what is taking place. I thought the explanation already offered is the likely answer, but without being there the moment the picture was taken, it could be several things (allowing that a ghost is possible, if not probable.) The second picture is more interesting, but is it a natural effect, or some spirit seeking to make itself known? A closed mind looks and decides which, the open one understands there's no way to be certain.

    There are far more mysterious pictures than the ones posted here (so far.)

    An open mind can believe in many things, but it also looks beyond the need to endorse what is already believed.
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    Maybe the orbs are ghost poo.

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    I don't believe in ghosts. But orbs?? This orb chased and attacked me on the way home yesterday.

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    First one there is dust in the air and flash hits them. Second one its your breath and flash hits on it.

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