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Thread: What Does this Picture Mean?

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    Default What Does this Picture Mean?

    EDIT: Sorry if this is in the wrong section

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    Someone painted their window white for some reason, but the paint did not fully end up covering the blurry spot in the lower right. Afterwards, a little kid drew on the window(The stick figures and two lines on top), and something was spilled in the bird shape, which leached some yellow onto the surrounding area.

    It doesn't mean anything to me.

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    There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a stairway to heaven.
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    The top one immediately said to me that the road to Heaven is narrow. The second one I can't make out and the third one probably has something to do with the first. (Not making the grade, falling off the road, etc.etc.)

    I don't know!, I'm terrible with these things.
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    For the top one I see as a cross going down a zip line

    The middle: On the left side I could picture a face (the yellowish color being the hair and 2 eyes underneath it) and the brown vertical thing looks like a grandfather clock to me. So.....a face looking at a grandfather clock in a sort of blurry/dream state?

    And the bottom looks like 3 people jumping on a trampoline...and the 4th person (the one on the left) is climbing on.

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    Looks like the Second Coming or whatever it's called.

    Though the cross makes me think of a Jesus-signal. "Jeepers, Mayor! The town is suffering from low-grade sin! We need Jesus!" "Switch on the Jesus-signal!"

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    If it helps, the original title of the thread is 'women are not as smaaaa░╫╗╠

    The thread then proceeded to show this picture w/o further text or comments.

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    This answer isn't going to satisfy anyone, but my first instinct was the crucified Jesus on a ski lift, ready to tackle the Double Diamond.

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    Well if you're asking for interpretations...

    Some glowing holy person is going up, to heaven I guess. There are people below jumping and trying to go as well but they can't get up. Something dark is coming.
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    Top: A cross sliding down one of those rope things (like they have in those jungle tours)

    Middle-Right: A space shuttle going through a door in a wall that appears to be made of souls

    Bottom: People extremely amused at the sight of the suffering one on the ground
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