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Thread: What's So Awesome About Your Life Right Now?

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    Funny that thanksgiving is coming up soonish (well I guess maybe not for you, but here anyway)

    Things that make my life great, in decreasing order:

    -My friends, the people I care for. I think of them as my "real" family. They just rock. They make the good times better and the bad times easier.
    -I'm as self-sufficient and comfortable financially as a poor student can be...I have a large enough cushion in the bank to cover pretty much any surprise, I have the next 4-5 years very roughly planned career-wise and it's going more-or-less on track
    -I love living with my friends in our huge house
    -Sports! the feel of hitting a perfect shot
    -Nature. And good weather. And summer. Walking by the water on a sunny day.
    -I'm in pretty much perfect health and at the best point physically of my life (so far)
    -I'm pretty mentally stable, don't really have "issues" anymore and hopefully I know how to avoid falling into them again
    -my parents are at least well-intentioned and I know they love me

    I'm really pretty incredibly lucky. I'm happier now than I've ever been and it's just getting better as I go along.
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    1) I have an awesome girlfriend. Smart, good looking, good at sex..ehm...
    2) I have an very good job compared to most of my peers
    3) I'm fitter than all the people @ my university courses, and still able to keep up with them grades-wise

    The 1) is far more important than the others, though, imho.

    -I'm in pretty much perfect health and at the best point physically of my life
    -I'm pretty mentally stable, don't really have "issues" anymore and hopefully I know how to avoid falling into them again
    Yes, this too. The two go hand in hand most of the times, I've found.

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    The absence of responsibility. No debts, no loans, no commitments, no girlfriend.

    I have "pleasant" jobs (libraries, tutoring, etc.) and superior education is free. Very little stress except a nagging feeling of futility and an ever-present mild existential angst. This is somewhat compensated by an eager curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

    Possibility for a satisfactory level of autonomy. I enjoy simplicity in life; frugal living conditions as long as there is access to a library, Internet, public transportation and parks. I also do not long for companionship too much and usually prefer time spent alone. This prevents me from feeling desperate to be in a relationship (which would diminish my present sense of freedom and make things complicated).

    I have the feeling I can take my life to any direction. Last year I decided to live a year in Sweden and had a scholarship. It was awesome! I worked as a "semi-professional" pianist and feel I could do this later too. I am adventurous and could end up anywhere!

    In short, freedom.

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    Well, a new season of Survivor has started, need I say more???
    Me and hubby made an RPG Nutrition Game
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    1. Decision to stay alive has paid off.
    2. I've learned good things about my career options.
    3. As a near-recluse, failed social issues dont bother me anymore. I'm happy WHEN I see my friends.
    4. I am one step closer to finishing this crap of a job I have now.
    5. My workout has started to improve.
    6. I'm looking forward to start a new social life once I get more urgent matters done.
    7. I've learned a bit discipline and some planning skills, and I don't act like someone with ADD when faced with boring tasks anymore.

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    Engaged to the greatest woman on the planet

    Actually finished a course for once. (We'll ignore the months and months I'm behind, however... for me, it's something )

    Work gave me a raise and despite forgetting my 5th year celebration, gave me my extra time (go automated systems) off... up to 5 weeks now/26 days! (We'll also ignore that I haven't been able to use almost any of it this year)

    Heroes season 2 has started. Wheee.

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    Nothing is particularly awesome.
    Work's ok, I am all healthy and I 'm going for a short vacation next week.
    Nothing incredibly good, but nothing bad, either

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    I suppose the fact that some things actually are going right for a change in my life could be registered under awsome.
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.

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    -Awesome wife
    -Decent job with promising future characteristics
    -Decent health
    -Good friends and family
    -Sense of humor and positive outlook
    My wife and I made a game to teach kids about nutrition. Please try our game and vote for us to win. (Voting period: July 14 - August 14)

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    Best husband evar
    Best kids evar
    My job rules (even if I suck at time management)
    Things are looking up financially
    My eyebrows look great
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
    -anonymous graffiti in the basilica at Pompeii

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