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Thread: Screen Names

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    My friends and I were coming up with characters for a story (which never went anywhere but made summer camp quite fun). I usually use the internet for names, but all I had were a few Lord of the Rings books, and one had a section on the language. I squashed a few roots together, and this is the name of my major character. The character was bad, but I like the name. However, I don't remember what it means...
    "'You scoundrel, you have wronged me,' hissed the philosopher. 'May you live forever!'" - Ambrose Bierce

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    Not so very long ago in a far away forum I needed a new screen name because my original name had too much of my real name in it and I'm paranoid. One of the INTPs on the forum did not like the first one I came up with so I brainstormed until I came up with one he thought was okay and that hadn't already been taken. On yahoo.

    I came up with "cafeaulaitinfj" and he pronounced it acceptable. I have cafe au lait birth marks and I have happy memories of my grandpa giving me coffee candy and he and my grandma always giving me coffee with milk and sugar when I stayed the night with them when I was little (and that was just a small part of the babying me routine ). And I'm an INFJ, so it rhymes.

    When I joined INTPcentral, I brought it with me, but eventually found unwieldy and unnecessarily long, so I requested that it be shortened to cafe and my request was granted.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    The end.
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    I have never been good at naming things, so I always have to find some logical reasons for a name.
    I am an INTJ and I am a Mom, hence the name.

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    Ladypinkington is a nicknname that my best friend gave me. She is an ESTP and her nickname is LadyBlessington and I am LadyPinkington- we refer to each other that way in real life and everywhere we go. She doesn't do forums. She gave me that because of my overt and over the top love for pink,lol.

    I enjoy the royal fairy tale formality of it as well, we both do actually.
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    I made mine because I'm the life of the party, always the most popular and enjoyable person in the room. All eyes are always on me. ME. ME. ME.

    Actually, it was on a list of what the MBTI types stand for. I can't find this list anymore.

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    ygolo is ology spelled backwards. That's been covered a few times. There a few (amusing) misinterpretations to meaning of the user name, so I decided to post it in this thread too.

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    ygolo... ology! Ah I like that. I sometime use another name, pintaca.

    Anyways... Nightning... came from "night" and "lightning", as in lightning at night. A product of an overactive Ni and my typo proneness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RansomedbyFire View Post
    Where did you guys get your screen names from? What do they mean? I explained mine in one of my first posts...
    More here:

    This signature left intentionally blank.


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    A gust of wind kicked up some of the red-brown dust that seemed to cover everything. When the wind subsided, the whispering of ghosts would have ruptured eardrums.

    All eyes were on me, and goddamn it, I was nervous. I looked at the sneering face standing about twenty paces from me and asked, "Are you sure you wish to take it from me? It's only three letters."

    He said nothing. I tried to gulp down that heavy feeling I had in my throat. It didn't work; it changed nothing--here I was, about to compete in an honorable duel, and I had never fired a gun before.

    I may have taken the name from the old man, I may have been hovering over his corpse after he died, but I didn't shoot him! Why did anyone want this name, anyway?! It's only three letters! So much killing and death, why for a name? And how did I get into this?

    I knew I was going to die before I found any answers. I drew my pistol.

    Somehow, I survived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladypinkington View Post
    Ladypinkington is a nicknname that my best friend gave me. She is an ESTP and her nickname is LadyBlessington and I am LadyPinkington- we refer to each other that way in real life and everywhere we go. She doesn't do forums. She gave me that because of my overt and over the top love for pink,lol.

    I enjoy the royal fairy tale formality of it as well, we both do actually.
    Some and my friends and I did the same thing.

    I'm the empress
    INTP is the contessa
    INFP is the princess
    another INFP is duchess
    ESTJ is the czarina

    We also figured out what kind of pie we would be along with fruits. We were very bored.
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