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Thread: NT, SJ, NF, SP anecdotes...

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    Default NT, SJ, NF, SP anecdotes...

    I don't know if a thread like this already exists. I'm still pretty new and there's a lot of information on this thing!

    I was thinking that it would be nice to hear about other types and their impressions/reactions to the little adorable and annoying things that we all do.

    I'll start with a conversation I had with my ESTJ friend. I am planning a birthday party for myself and ESTJ said that he had a friend who could give me a great deal on a limo. I'm thinking (in my head), "Fabulous! We'll skip around and go anywhere we feel like! Hmm...where do I want to go first? I don't know. I'll see how I feel that night." As soon as that thought finishes, ESTJ says, "So what I would do is go on Mapquest and map out directions to each location and in what order you want to go and give it to the driver. That way he knows where to go and you don't have to give him directions. I did this the last time I got a limo and it worked out great."

    I respond: "I have homework!?...On my birthday!?"

    Anyway, I thought that was a cute ESTJ/INTP or J/P moment.
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    Talking to my ESTJ mom about productivity demonstrates some important differences..

    My mom will tell me, "Work should always come before play."
    I comment, "But there always seems to be work to do."
    She then agrees with me and says, "Exactly. You should always be productive."

    I guess that's how SJ's have fun..
    Like when she just sees me on my computer or playing video games, she'll comment that I should clean my room or study or do some other chores..
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    Haha. You should have my ESFJ brother be your driver. He loves maps. <.>

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