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Thread: An MBTI Christmas

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    I like money (and very general gift certificates) because I don't like having too much useless junk around...sentimental cutesy stuff is so annoying to get, because first you have to pretend you like it, and then you're guilted into not throwing it out and it wastes space.

    Things I've gotten and really liked: mp3 player, nice cordless kettle, easel, plastic-stacked-storage-thing. Uh, that's about it really.

    But maybe the opinion of Fs would be more useful to you, as your mom certainly sounds like one...

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    Yep! Money is the best friend anyone can have!

    Money is a friend that's not worth dying's worth killing for!

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    so, my list of unwanted items:
    -anything that would be put in display in my home. My home looks best when with items I've chosen.
    -cloths. Chance is that I like a different style.
    -drinking/wine glasses, eating utensils etc.. I want to use my own chosen style
    -one-time-use gagdets or novelty items, which are forgotten after short use, or only make a joke when the gift is opened. I am environmentally conscious.

    So is there anything I will have as a gift?
    -quality alcohol (wine, brandy, cognac, whiskey.. ) I appreciate most types to the expensive range, so gift can be chosen according to how much the gift-giver wants. If it's not a special occasion, just bringing cheap beer is a considerate thing, it tells that the person wants to enjoy time with me.
    -movie dvd, movie ticket(s), concert ticket, music cd (but it's hard to choose good music for me), computer game (quite easy to choose good one for me)
    -good non-fiction book. People rarely give these as gifts for me. I dont remember the last time. Perhaps that's because looking at my bookshelf, I have .. Bible; Computer Organization & Design; Introduction to the Judical System in Finland; Advanced Engineering Mathematics ...

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    What I've liked receiving (I am an INTJ btw):

    Stuff for my digital cameras (underwater case, extra batteries / charger, filters, etc).
    Bottles of my favourite pefume
    Books - lots of books.
    Kitchen tools - sounds bad, but I like toys. Things like food processors, mixers, garlic presses.
    Snorkelling gear.

    Things my husband (ISTJ) likes to recieve:

    Dinner out (usually a gift certificate to go somewhere or do something).

    Gift cards & money rank up there. Usually that's what we get from the Parental Units.

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    I hate people giving me cash, it means they didn't take the time to think about what I would like.

    Which comes to what I do like, gifts that have some thought behind them.

    Oh and books, get me a book that I like, and I will love you forever.
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    My father and I prefer the cash since after 43 years for him and 24 for me the family tends to either not understand or we know they can't afford the proper type. I've had more luck than my dad when it comes to clothes, but most of everything else has become a waste of their money and a waste of space for us. How do I know what my dad thinks? Apparently I'm the only one that listens. My plan for him when I'm able to: a gift certificate for Snap On tools; I know it's what he uses and he'll be the best judge for which screwdriver he needs to replace next.
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    Apparently it's difficult to figure out what I might like, so I usually don't get something I would like or otherwise get. I do wear the clothes that I'm not bothered by (Mum knows I prefer black and khaki pants, which is what the parental units tend to give me. I ended up with some brown and grey ones, but I still wear them.), but the vast majority of stuff tends to end up collecting dust somewhere because I have no use for it.

    My brother once gave me a video game back when I had a suitable desktop for playing it and I actually did appreciate that. I had the older version of the game and he gave me a new upgraded version that had bots, which was really cool (better than trying to find people to play at some random time, then having lag problems).

    Other than that, I can't think of many particularly-thoughtful gifts. If someone was really attentive to my comments, they would probably give me some luggage (a large wheeled week-bag and a small (probably wheeled) day-bag), but chances are that nobody would realize I could use such things, which is why I plan to go buy some this weekend...
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    Everyone who is close enough to me to give me a gift this year knows that I'm working on decluttering and downsizing the amount of "stuff" I keep around. (I get a bit anxious when I visit my grandmother and see my future: little stacks of stuff that might come in handy someday, covering every surface.) So if they give me anything, I'll assume they mean for me to regift it in another social circle. Which, actually, turns out to be a GREAT gift for me. (One of my twin aunts to whom I will refer as Patty and Selma always gives me 30-40 prepared homemade gifts for the other people I give to, and a $20. Awesome.)

    I have talked all of my various circles and families into doing Buy Nothing Christmas with me, and we've scaled it all waaaaaaaaaaay back. We started drawing names instead of doing a huge gift bonanza. I usually bake and/or make a bottle of kitchen cleaner for everybody. Put enough ribbons and tissue paper on it and any type will be happy to receive it, for whatever reason (either because they can eat/use it or because it's So Pretty! or because I was so thoughtful and worked so hard, etc.).
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    I'm a bad EFJ, I buy people presents very sporadically (even family). One b-day and Christmas you may get something and then there will be nothing for a few years. I don't want to raise expectations too high. My greatest gift to them is my presence in their life.

    Honestly, I'm not good at getting people presents, I don't know what they want, and it became a really big THING with all sorts of implications (i.e. do I owe them something?) that I didn't want to deal with. I know that the giving and receiving of gifts is a simple process but I express my appreciation to people on a regular basis so they know they mean a lot to me. The good thing is I'm not offended when I don't get anything. I don't even tell people when it's my birthday to avoid the whole presents thing. I'm picky so it's probably best this way. Of all people, the person who has gotten me gifts most consistently is my INTJ friend I've known since middle school and I've maybe gotten him a couple of t-shirts and books and some raunchy shotglasses.
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    I don't really celebrate Christmas. But on special occasions, I just like receiving something (almost anything). I prefer things that are useful, and low maintenance. People tell me, that I am actually being frustrating by saying I just want "anything", but it's basically true.

    EDIT: I forgot about my wish list on Amazon. Once people discovered I had a wish list (that I was basically keeping to remind myself), they started getting things from that. I must say that I liked that.

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