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Thread: Attack of the Camera Terrorist

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    Angry Attack of the Camera Terrorist

    Have you ever been in a situation, say, a casual family function where you are having a good time with the children and you think to yourself, "they are going to remember and cherish this moment." Then out of nowhere someone ruins it by taking out their camera and demanding everyone stop and pose for a picture? Eversince the advent of inexpensive digital cameras you just can't seem to have a nice laid-back gathering without this happening. Some folks, for whatever reason apparently must archive every moment for future viewing even if there is eventually so much that it becomes meaningless.

    The camera bandit is closely related to the mobile phone bandit who rudely interrupts interaction to answer their stupid phone. When you combine the camera and the phone into the camera-phone you get the ultimate demon.

    Here is a video that somewhat illustrates the phenomenon.

    [YOUTUBE="-mQJYte4T2Q"]Anti-Social SmartPhone Users[/YOUTUBE]

    Is this true or do I really just despise cameras?

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    An obnoxious person can make an innocuous <object> insidious if they're directing it obnoxiously.

    Edit: This video seems relevant to what I mentioned in Warm's thread.
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    My Dad did this all of the time. He was an amateur photographer and made my sister and I pose for pics to the point that I can't stand getting my picture taken to this day. God bless 'im, may he rest in peace.
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    Darn kids and their newfangled gadgets!

    Interesting video though. I myself have thought similar things. But generally taking pictures doesn't bother me. Then again I usually only see my friends every once every other a year.
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    When I was living in California everyone walked about with those ridiculous mobile phone ear pieces and would talk loudly wherever they were. Some of them had blinking lights and they looked like fricken androids or the borg or something.

    And what's the deal with airline food?

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    i don't like it when the flow is disrupted because we all have to stop and pose for a picture. lame.

    but i like people who just snap photos subtly, photos of the moment, that you are not even aware they are taking. photos in situ.
    i always wanted to be that person, but when i am in the moment i forget to take photos. so thanks, to those of you who do that!

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    My mom has rolls upon rolls of undeveloped film of us standing and forcing smiles. "OK, stand out in the light. Hold on wait, its not wound up. Ok now smile, ok now wait, you switch places. Wait.. Ok now stand in the shade in case it was too bright."

    Every... damn.. time... It wouldn't be so bad if she actually developed any of them. Now she has a digital camera. How many pictures do you need of people standing around and semi-smiling?
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