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Thread: 'Guess the type' game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    You're right.

    He's a classic ESTP. My former flatmate.
    Damn! Oh well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    Damn! Oh well...
    LOL, don't stress. You were all pretty close.

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    I'm thinking INTP for the second one. I'm really not sure though, some of it doesn't add up. It's mostly the style.

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    I would have seen Subject A as ESFx... huh. I guess not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    Subject B:

    I am intelligent but not a genius; kind but not a saint; above average but below exceptional. I'm 5'9, 150 pounds, slender, well-dressed, with gray/blue eyes and brown hair. I'm only telling you this in case you should need to describe me to the appropriate authorities. I enjoy writing; I work too hard, and I'm very easygoing (but hard on myself). I'm extremely passionate about everything I do, and can be generous to a fault. I love my family and friends. I'm with an amazing woman who I couldn't have ever dreamed of meeting, much less be lucky enough to have her reciprocate my feelings.

    Personality wise, I am cursed with NGS - nice guy syndrome. However, I will stand up for what I believe in and have no problem responding in kind to negative behavior.

    I am very sarcastic, difficult to offend, and I enjoy verbal jousts and turns of phrase, creative insults, scathing movie reviews, and friendly competition. My wit is only matched by my insatiable appetite for self-effacing semantics and convoluted dialog.

    In my spare time, which is limited, I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, long philosophical debates, spending time with people whose names I can only guess at due to my failing attention span, reading, writing mindless articles, and raising my imaginary children by the bootstraps.

    Alright, so the last part isn't quite true. I guess I'll see you in court........thank you for stalking my know who you are.
    ENFJ, maybe? Hard to tell...

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    ^One of you is just one letter off. Won't say which one.

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    ^Different dichotomy.

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    ah well. i was close......
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    LOL, you guys just refuse to switch that T, do you?

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