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Thread: How do you make a type feel like a million bucks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed111 View Post
    For me personally it would be sparingly. I am suspicious of anyone who compliments me too often. It should also be genuine.

    In fact I would prefer not to receive compliments. It is enough to see my ideas followed through and that I'd be credited for them.

    Lastly, a pay rise and a promotion would be just fine
    This comment made me laugh. My INTJ friend reminds me frequently that my compliments are basically worthless since they don't get him paid or laid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    ESTJ: Thanks for doing the dishes and the laundry - you are awesome to get all that done - amazing!

    More to come ... must head to bed!
    If somebody (preferably attractive and of the opposite sex) said that to an ESTJ... WITH the "more to come... must head to bed" attached to the end... it would be seriously hawt. XD
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    INTP: I like to buy your idea for a few million monies.

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    SP: Act impressed.

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    ISFP: You BRING the fun. This place is just boring without you.

    That came from my one INTP & two ISJ best pals; made me feel like $450,000.

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