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Thread: How you judge others

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    Quote Originally Posted by vince View Post

    So how do you judge others ?
    in other words, in the first minutes of meeting someone new what determines your overall opinion of them ?

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    I judge people based on how honest they are and how willing they are to talk to me. I hate stuckups. I barely even notice the physical things, though I do pick up on body language fairly easily.
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    When I first meet someone, I always look at their friends first, see if I know any of them. I think that friends are a good indicator for someones behavior. And of course, I judge them on their vibe as well. It works, my first impression is always right!
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    i don't feel like i judge people so much but i guess it matters most to me how people treat others, especially when they think no one is paying attention and how authentic and tolerant they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I am doing good if I notice if things around me are animal, vegatable or mineral.
    and after I do notice them ->

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    I take in the whole person and the vibe they give off.

    Maybe the judging is subconscious but I don't let that bother me. Mostly I just let people be who they are and let the information flow towards me. Whether it's negative or positive, I don't care.
    I'm always interested in what and why people will do next and how I feel about it.

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    I judge my own reaction to the person, and not so much the person. It tends to focus on their communication, not what they are wearing or external appearance. I want to feel like I own my responses rather than placing assumptions on the other person.

    If they shake my hand and start bragging about their accomplishments, my reaction is something like, "ok, they function in the social dominance/competition model and I don't. It is unlikely I will have much meaningful communication with this person (however not impossible)."

    If they start into telling me everything personal about their life, my reaction is, "this person may monopolize my time if I establish an acquaintanceship or friendship with them. I must stay aware of boundary issues here, although realize this could also be an exception and not a pattern for this person."

    If someone makes me feel threatened, I pay attention to that and end communication. It's worth the risk of mistaken assumption in this case.

    If someone seems intelligent, kind, and reasonable in their communication, I might think, "I would enjoy talking to this person in the future."

    In the situations where my response is one in which I don't want to invest myself in the other person, it isn't about who I think they are, but more how I think our relating would play out. The competitive/dominance person may be kinder than I could ever dream of being or the opposite, but they demonstrate a relating style that does not appeal to me. I try not to assume and reject them personally because there is always a social context that generates the behavior as well personal motivations. It might be more accurate to say I form so many possible opinions, that by default there is not an opinion. I think this is more accurate than saying my mind is blank about it.
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    Look for the undying flame in their eyes. That is all I notice. Show me your life.
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    I don't judge. That's not good. I should judge more. But the thing that totally stops me from having interest and respect for person
    if person judge me or someone else too fast. I'm alergic to those people, don't understand them.

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    Based on looks, I am indifferent towards most people. Some people give off vibes, women if they are attractive, men if they instill fear, and some men have some kind of sharp stabbing that comes from the eyes (I have no idea what this is). The first two, I have employed mental training to ignore. However, the latter hasn't failed me and I trust it to the fullest. Those kidns of people shouldn't be trusted. Some people are so bad in hygiene I am repulsed. Others dress so provocatively to gain notice - I ignore them (most of the time).

    Outside of that, I judge based on personality. Call them credentials, but if they don't add up, I'm not going to like the person.
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    I look at body language and "read between the lines" of what people are saying--searching for something truly honest, spontaneous, natural and simply "human" behind all the defense mechanisms and rationalizations and images they are trying to project.

    I don't put a whole lot of stock in clothing, physical appearance, mannerisms, and the things people say, of course, because, I prefer "Intuition" to "Sensing".

    Also---I don't tend to make very solid judgements about people---especially in the first few minutes of meeting them. I prefer to let my impressions of people continually develop as I get to know them more.
    That's probably because I prefer "Perceiving" to "Judging".

    And if I do form a "judgement" about someone, it's based more on how I feel about them, rather than what I think of them---which is not surprising since I prefer "Feeling" to "Thinking."

    I am most definitely studying and analyzing and even categorizing people as I interact with them---but in a very flexible and non-dogmatic way.

    My intention is generally to understand people, to try and "see things through their eyes", so that I can coexist peacefully with them.

    So when I meet a new person, I begin with the expectation that we will have some things in common, and some points of disagreement---and I consciously look for points of agreement.

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