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Thread: NBC's "The Office" and Personality Type

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    Default NBC's "The Office" and Personality Type

    (the American version of) The Office is my faavorite show. I was just thinking about how, as an ENTP, I don't tend to cringe too hard at Michael's ridiculous antics or get too worked up about the more obnoxious characters in the show because I kinda fake my acceptance of social norms most of the time. I admire the writing of the show the most, I think. Are there other correlations between personality type and enjoyment of the show?

    On a different note, what do you think the types of the characters are? I was thinking, Jim - INFP; Pam - ISFP; Dwight - ESTJ; Ryan - ESTP ..... Those are just some quick ideas I came up with on the spot, actually. Could be completely wrong. Any thoughts?
    A colleague of the great scientist James Watson remarked that Watson was always “lounging around, arguing about problems instead of doing experiments.” He concluded that “There is more than one way of doing good science.”
    It was Watson’s form of idleness, the scientist went on to say, that allowed him to solve “the greatest of all biological problems: the discovery of the structure of DNA.” It's a point worth remembering in a society overly concerned with efficiency.

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    Michael - ENTP
    Jim - ISFP
    Pam - IxFP
    Dwight - ISTJ

    Not sure about the others.

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