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Thread: Eating Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    I don't either. I feel the need to clarify.

    I defined "budget" as follows:

    Budget = Take Home Pay - Fixed Amount Expenditures (Mortgage, Property Taxes, HOA, Car Insurance, etc.)
    Hmmm, not to be picky... but isn't budget;

    Expenditures = Budget?

    Where budget and expenditures are equal to all fixed and variable expenses?

    Food budget for me works out to be roughly 10% of our combined income, with about 3-5% on top in eating out. It varies by about 3% (both do).

    Cutting down is actually pretty easy, if you are very serious about it. Simply buy and cook in bulk (this helps if you are working - stuff like stew, roasts, chilli, etc are easy to freeze/refrigerate for lunches). Don't eat out for dinner - and if you want to lose weight at the same time, go very basic - meat and potatoes basic, if you will. Not only is it healthier, but you'll convert the money you spend otherwise into good food, although it may be somewhat more expensive. Simply buy greens/vegetables, a hunk of meat, some carb (potatoes, rice, etc). Eat fruit for breakfast and/or desert - apples are best in the morning since they can replace coffee.

    In general, eating well isn't expensive if you do it right - in a way, it is a lot less expensive than eating out and/or doing fast food at home. It isn't "ramen" cheap, but it certainly is doable for anyone not on a shoestring diet... and your body will thank you for it too.

    (Or so I hear. I've been bad the last few months. Time is a concern )

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    Mine is total budget, not leftover. I have large fixed expenses that cover ~50% of my income (though I want to drop one to no more than 25%, I'm stuck for a few months thanks to my family). Food is still a relatively small portion and always has been... It's bailing out family (this is absolutely killing me, it's consumed over 30% of my income in the last 6 months), discretionary spending (ex: new car, orchids, firearms), luxury items (ex: gadgets, sunglasses, clothing that isn't cheap), etc, that tend to consume the largest portion of my income that I don't squirrel away in savings accounts and investments...or pay to the government. I do have rather expensive tastes in a number of things (I've spent over 500 a few times on electronic gadgets, like cell phones and PDAs, countless thousands on high-end sunglasses (I have 350 bucks worth in a case under the seat of my car, for instance, and those were originally purchased specifically for snowboarding and skiing)) and some quite expensive hobbies (most long arms are a minimum of 1000 all told (one is a bit over 2500 at this point), pistols are usually in the 2000 range for rather mundane ones to 3500+ for exotic ones (accessories are more expensive for the less-common ones)), so I guess that's not too surprising.
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    I spend too much on teas and coffees

    and energy drinks, of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamI'madaM View Post
    I spend too much on teas and coffees

    and energy drinks, of course
    Wow, I can sympathize with this.
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    I eat out a lot too, because it's the only thing to do around here when I'm with my friends. Round $15 per meal.. it adds up.
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