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Thread: Describe the other types

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    Good: Like Sherman tanks. Keep things running smoothly. Tough as nails. Very funny dry humor. Loyal to their "platoon" (friends, family, et al). Observant. Social.

    Bad: Controlling. Extremely insensitive. Rigid. Stuck in a traditional rut.

    Good: Virtually indestructible. Frequently brilliant. Masters of the NOW. Powerhouses. Curious. Upbeat. Charming. Cavalier.

    Bad: The ultimate machine of destruction if gone to the dark side. Hard-wearing on the hearts of their loved ones.

    Good: Hilarious. Inclusive. Sparkly. Kind hearted without being pushovers. Have an almost logical way of ordering their thoughts.

    Bad: Drama bombs. Unbelievably controlling and manipulative. Will not shut up.

    Good: Always into something new. Inclusive. Sharing. Generous. Fun. Good-natured. Soft hearted. Open to ideas. Very very loyal. Gives the best hugs. Wicked sense of humor.

    Bad: Gorging when unhappy. Defensive. Random. Stand-offish. Moody. Money gets spent willy nilly.

    Good: Brains like computers. Love their humor. Very insightful. Catch things others miss. Entrepreneurial. Very generous with their loved ones - will go to any extremes to make sure they're taken care of.

    Bad: Te jammed in reverse gear, dragging everyone with it. Cannot leave the potential source of their demise alone.

    Good: I'm going to reflect some bias here, but ENTPs are hands-down the warmest sexiest type I can think of. The girls and the guys. They can take a hit too. Funny. Also entrepreneurial like ENTJs. Laid back. Accepting.

    Bad: Narcissism. No longer listening. Accusatory tones. Bent on self-destruction. Vulgarity.

    Good: Very warm. Dedicated to understanding people. Loyal. Always seeking to stretch what we know into the realm of still mysterious. Will drag you out of the river and stand down zombies to save you.

    Bad: Like trying to plug a volcano. Everybody, run. Away. Fast. Like a bunny. Also, tend to shoot first and ask questions later when in a killing mode. Makes emotionally cruel "jokes" and runs people to death.

    Good: Super tough. Funny. Clever. Very fraternal and inclusive. Likes everyone to be having a good time. Almost child-like sweetness at times. Not easily corralled by bad people.

    Bad: Wants the entire world to be in love with them. And that means YOU. Will not listen to reason, and will destroy like angry Poppin' Fresh with a ray gun until they calm down.

    Good: Simply put - can't find a tougher type. The go-to guy/girl. Don't take nonsense. Frequently hysterically funny for some reason. Will fight for you to the last man if they love you. Make the best wingmen ever. Not squeamish at all.

    Bad: Emotionally brutal. Cold. Disinterested.

    Good: Calm. Clever. Always into something new or unusual. Mentally impossible to break. Determined. Weirdly easy going. Loves you with a level of intensity that you can't imagine. Protective.

    Bad: Go find a manual on how to defuse a bomb. Immediately.

    Good: SO generous. Caring. Protective. Conversational. That guy/girl you want to have next to you on that long plane ride. Physically tough. Usually have lots of interesting stories. Give and take.

    Bad: Passive aggressive like you wouldn't believe. Emotionally dominating. Shut downs. Human door mats.

    Good: Crazy as heck. Loads of fun. Very artistic. Very tough. Usually concerned with others and the environment at the same time. Original. Live and let live. Not afraid of experience.

    Bad: Self-indulgent. Receding. Lost in their own heads. Indulgent of themselves. Paranoid.

    Good: Expert problem solvers. Hilarious dry wit. Delighted by odd things, like a monkey wearing a fez or a second hand Swahili to English dictionary. Collectors of the unusual. Mental stores of fascinating things.

    Bad: They think they're smarter than everyone else, even when they clearly aren't. Dour. Bristly.

    Good: Warm and willing to go "there" with you if they love you. Very very funny. Relaxed. Gentle with you. Observational. Terribly sexy in an off-kilter way. Knowledgeable.

    Bad: Mutants. I'm not kidding. Radioactive glow-in-the-dark mutants. Shoot on sight.

    Good: Sacrificial. Cosmic. Crusading. Frequently hilarious. Pastoral. Justice minded. Poetic.

    Bad: Intolerable cruelty. Hostage taking. Punishing. Self-indulgent.

    Good: Tough tough tough - perhaps the most mentally tough of the NFs. Doesn't flinch from horrifying things. Will get in there and fight hard for you, and then drag you to safety. Intensely loyal. Brings new deeper levels of meaning to just about everything.

    Bad: Obtuse. Delusional. Maudlin. Emo.
    I made a muffled LOL.

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    *Merged with "What I Think of the 16 Types" in NF Idyllic"*

    Keep 'em coming folks! ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    interesting and again...i don't mean to be rude or whatever...but if intjs are fun vampires why in the hell would they say it's such a good match for enfp! i have NO idea! i don't want someone taking my fun! type match theory sucks i'm thinking.
    In Socionics INTJ is actually ENFPs "supervisor" which makes a great deal more sense to me, at least. ENFPs match is ISTP in Socionics.
    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." - Edward Abbey

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    Good - random & wacky humor, often very book smart, thought-provoking
    Bad - can be arrogant, overly critical, belligerent, uncompassionate

    Good - sharp humor, composed, confident, ambitious
    Bad - can be arrogant, make snap judgments, seem cold and uncaring

    Good - easygoing, silly funny, often multi-talented, even-tempered
    Bad - can be self-centered, huge ego, disloyal, never serious

    ENTJ: (disclaimer: I possibly only know one)
    Good - high standards, wicked sense of humor, quick, pleasantly mischievous
    Bad - can be hypocritical / double standards, obstinate, rude, overbearing

    Good - great listeners, highly ethical & empathetic, individualistic, creative
    Bad - can be moody, too sensitive, withdrawn, disorganized

    Good - insightful, clever, witty humor, giving
    Bad - can be disconnected from reality, overly polite, easily disappointed

    Good - playful, original, friendly, accepting, offbeat
    Bad - can be irresponsible, delusional, liars, very messy


    Good - personable, cheerful, sweet, fiercely loyal
    Bad - can be shameless flirts, depression-prone, complainers

    Good - adventurous, spontaneous, independent, skilled
    Bad - can be too distant, supercilious, overly into the physical realm


    Good - gentle, good sense of aesthetics, refining, flexible, caring
    Bad - can be moody, terribly illogical, poor communicators

    Good - affable, negotiators, flexible, fearless
    Bad - can be manipulative, pliable morals, sneaky, shallow

    Good - caring, expressive, goofy funny, fun
    Bad - hedonistic, inconsistent, attention-whores, irresponsible

    Good - precise, responsible, dutiful, dry sarcastic humor, humanistic
    Bad - can be unimaginative, overly blunt, bland


    Good - nurturing, encouraging, thoughtful, self-sacrificing
    Bad - can be guilt-trippers, nagging, miss the big picture, nosy


    Good - successful, self-assured, reliable, level-headed
    Bad - can be pompous, snobbish, short-sighted

    Good - extremely friendly, open-temper, organized, warm, bubbly
    Bad - can be judgmental, narrow-minded, bad listeners
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    All types other than mine are complete losers and totally SUCK!! That's right! We rule, you're all L7, LOSERS! *points and laughs at all the other types* Hahaha!


    Okay, okay...

    INTJ - Better than us at strategy, but can come unglued and act weird when they have to deal with their emotions.

    ExTJ - Better than us at getting thing done, but can be overly bossy and insensitive.

    ExFJ - Nicer than us, but are more prone to overreact.

    ISFJ - Similar to us, except they're not as creative and value tradition more.

    ISTJ - Better than us at getting things done, but can be too inflexible and set in their ways.

    xSTP - Okay, fine. They're actually cooler than all of us combined. Happy now?

    xSFP - They're cooler than us, too. But they try to be nice about it.

    xNTP - They're geekier than us, more intellectual and clumsier socially. Yay, we're not at the bottom!

    xNFP - They're not only geekier than us, they're totally EMO. Poor guys.

    (Still kidding, I'm just not in the mood to do this seriously.)

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    This is how I view them as a mildly introverted ISTJ, so my views may be strongly catered to that or semi-biased.

    Good: Charismatic, good with people, great leader, respectable.
    Bad: Doesn't have the easiest time convincing others that they're correct, though they usually are and it's just difficult to accept sometimes.

    Good: Joker, humorous, won't give up.
    Bad: Makes for a great internet troll, and no, that's not a good thing!

    Good: Fun to talk to, makes jokes, genuinely interested in people, will go up to poor random guys like me with no friends!
    Bad: Liar, manipulative, too good to be true.

    Good: Fulfills all of my voids, are usually charming.
    Bad: Can be difficult to communicate on the same level as them, or to just understand them if you're listening to them.

    Good: The type I aspire to be, it's just perfect in every way I see! Down-to-earth, good with people, into bettering themselves.
    Bad: Honestly, I don't know just yet based on the people I know.

    Good: In terms of males at least, it's probably the type I naturally click with the most.
    Bad: The disorganized, unscheduled lifestyle can conflict at times.

    Good: Aren't afraid to be a little crazy, can be very entertaining.
    Bad: Tends not to care much for how they appear to others and can get careless with it.

    Good: Generally smart, and can be fun to be around in certain circumstances.
    Bad: Can be too nerdy/geeky for my tastes if they get too hardcore.

    Good: Literal, concrete, organized, likes having things settled.
    Bad: Isn't much fun to be around when you're already too similar to them.

    Good: Both very serious and humorous at the same time, is very entertaining to watch as they pull their crazy schemes.
    Bad: Can be very shy at times.

    Good: Really nice, naturally easy to get along with.
    Bad: A little too lazy for my tastes. Sometimes has trouble getting down to work. Not to mention extremely shy.
    Last edited by Max; 08-19-2009 at 07:29 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Good - easygoing, silly funny, often multi-talented, even-tempered
    Bad - can be self-centered, huge ego, disloyal, never serious
    Disloyal ? Death Wish ?
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
    ~ Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

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    ENFJ - goldenrod
    INFP - sea green
    ENFP - maroon
    INFJ - violet
    ESFJ - salmon-colored
    ESFP - red
    ISFJ - grey green
    ISFP - lavender
    ENTJ - yellow
    INTJ - navy
    INTP - teal
    ENTP - bright blue
    ISTP - olive green
    ESTP - indigo
    ISTJ - pewter-colored
    ESTJ - blue-grey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    This is how I view them as a mildly introverted ISTJ, so my views may be strongly catered to that or semi-biased.

    Good: Fulfills all of my voids, are usually charming.
    Bad: Can be difficult to communicate on the same level as them, or to just understand them if you're listening to them.

    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    INTP - Pure incarnation of awesome.
    Non-INTP XNTX - Good, but not quite as good as INTP

    The other types are not significant enough to be noted here.

    (And yes, that was INTP HUMOR for those of you who missed it)
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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