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    Moved a bunch of posts about Oprah to:

    Now let the discussion (sans OXXXX) continue.

    I actually can see why I get along well with INTPs and ISTJ irl.

    Ne and Se compliment and appreciat one another in ISTJ and ENFP - we pick up different things that point to the same source and sometimes pick up what one person misses.

    I am an encyclopedia of random trivia. Seriously. An INTJ and INFP challenged be to Trivial Pursuit 2 on 1 and in another game I ditched my own team to play on my solo Trivial Pursuit team (against 3 teams of 3-4 each) because I got so annoyed with my teammates keeping me back. LOL.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    ESTJ: Cheap, but not low-quality
    ESTP: Wild, watch out for swallowing shot
    ESFJ: Burns easily
    ESFP: Sweet, but salty
    ENTJ: High in omega-3s
    ENTP: Best with wine
    ENFJ: For formal occasions only
    ENFP: Fun and flavorful
    ISTJ: Easily prepared
    ISTP: Gamy
    ISFJ: Tender
    ISFP: Tastes like where it's been
    INTJ: Only to be prepared by a specialist
    INTP: Best with beer
    INFJ: Rare; only sold on black markets
    INFP: Tasty, but you won't want it after you've seen the pictures
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Pink's descriptions are genius.
    Something Witty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Pink's descriptions are genius.
    Thank you, Princess Leia Fey!
    eNFJ 4w3 sx/so 468 tritype
    Neutral Good
    EII-Fi subtype, Ethical/Empath, Delta/Beta
    RLUEI, Choleric/Melancholic
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    ESTJ: Lovely, trustful, dedicated people, who make brilliant administrators, if wise enough. Wouldnt miss my ESTJ boss, who always focusses on the exercise, handling all people under his command as they deserve to be handled

    ISTJ: Sociable, fun and entertaining people. Prone to followerdom. Loyal companions (if you know them long, as in followerdom ) and overall curious people. Not really artistic, but can be really intrested in theatre and general visual arts, if properly motivated

    ESFJ: Friendly and kind grown-up adults with a child at heart. Generate sympathy with nearly everyone and can be very good at creating huge networks of people. Are hurt easily, if you dont watch your mouth, need to be in charge, as in dont show easily their weak side. Can become very wise people, making excellent family guys. Can become haphazard aswell.

    ISFJ: Appear very impersonal from my point of view on the outside. But are very socializing through norms and traditions. Make the most unique caring people and social workers, if they identify with the people they talk to. Are warm at heart and mean well, can be disloyal or jumpy to / in their feelings though, hurting others in the process.

    ESTP: Your local dealer in the neighbourhood. Leads several lives in parallel universes and the friendship to you is one of them. Great entrepeneur and dedicated tribe leader. Does only want your love and to eat your heart . Can make a perfect husband but will draw a lot of blood in the process.

    ISTP: Prone to build a frame of thought and morality he sticks to all his life. Utterly bad at expressing his emotions (I am presuming: a stallion in the bedchamber ). Sometimes emits an aura of spirituality, when he gets intrested in things that concern the mind- and soullife of people. Is a dedicated peoples person, loyal friend and funny person (if you share english humor )

    ESFP: Doesnt notice that both persons he talked to for 4 hours in the car without a pause are plotting to kill him. Is a nice and lovely person, who basically seeks out democratic peace, between all parties. Has the ability to ask inquisitive questions, which circumvents entps wittiness in such a way that he is rendered speechless

    ISFP: Barely known to me. Can be a charmeur to certain woman, gaining their trust, love and affections completly, but not noticing when his intrests change, he hurts them in the process. Appear very artistic and offwordly, like the young Goethe or Casanova. Seem to be generally very prone to wisdom and intentionally mean no harm. Just on the quest of finding happiness.

    ENFJ: Talk to you in loud overbearing words, challenging you and cant stand the reply . Meaning: can switch modes between showing a warm sensitive nature and a general tactical rational approach to things. Are sociable people, witty and experienced. Sometimes too experienced for my taste.

    INFJ: If their mind is not lost to a fantasy world, they are cool and charming people to their friends. Care alot about their friends and know more about them than they prolly like, but approach things too naive sometimes making alot of innocents fall for them. Mean generally well but are not of this world, have high incapabilities to filter impressions they derive from their sense, but want to fly a helicopter one day in their lifes.

    ENFP: Independent, free-spirited and responsible persons, who make great starship captains, while still never loosing their dreamy side. Can ask many questions sometimes, you dont have answers too.

    INFP: I havent really understood them yet. They like to show their artistic nature and identify over it. They are emotional but often lost in a parallel universe.

    ENTJ: See James Cook for reference. Overbearing loud and unwise people, who always have got issues about something. If not they make for capable idea partners, enabling yourself to reach new heights. See the strategical picture but appear to not be trusted in the long run. Can miss the details.

    INTJ: Ranging from appearing to be very wise, to utterly dumb. They want to prove some point, I often to not see their big picture. More data is needed here aswell.

    ENTP: Want to be miss-understood and it works all the times. Have a heightened form of sensibility and sensitivity they cant deal with. Search basically for harmonious and stimulating environments and basically search..

    INTP: Can be wise and good friends or mean persons. More doesnt come to mind.

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    INTP: crackpot fools who think they're smarter than they are.

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    Want the blunt now ? I am flying already.. *hands over*

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    *deep inhalation*

    *cough* *cough* Thanks, yo.

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    Open question:

    What is going through your head when you write these?
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    Not a whole hell of a lot. I thought that would have been obvious by now.

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