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Thread: 10 Ways to Tell If You're a Snob

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    ?Gift Gripes When friends give you gifts, you think right away about how much it cost. Maybe you even believe the quality of the relationship is equivalent to the price of the goody. The more expensive the item, the closer you feel to your friend.
    Oh yeah, I have this sister-in-law who always asks where I got something when I give a gift to her children. Then if I tell her, she immediately says how much I spent because she already knows how much different stores charge for different things and then she makes a little frowny face. Then she calls later and tells me she took it back and got the money. I never understood the purpose for any of this. If I ever take anything back, I just do it and I don't broadcast it.

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    None apply.

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    Hmm..... Nope.

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    Guess I am the opposite of a snob then lol whatever that is.
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    Interesting. A few people have admitted to the supermarket one. I thought this might be the one that some people would admit to.

    It's just too dull watching the cashier scanning items, so my Ne starts glancing at the items on the conveyor belt that belong to the people next to me. On Saturday I was covertly glancing back at what my neighbours had bought. White bread! - Are you regular enough? Minced beef - How much saturated fat? Pot noodles? - Loads of salt and probably lots of E number preservatives. Six two litre bottles of diet coke? - Wow! I wonder how long it will take you to finish those!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    Everyone knows that there are better champagnes than Dom. Like Krug or Cristal, for instance.
    Cristal is so pedestrian, like Hawaii for vacations. Krug on the other hand...

    I'm definitely snobby about certain things, even material items, but nothing listed above. For instance, I find Christian Louboutin heels and Tiffany's silver jewelry to be incredibly tacky (overpriced for product quality and design).

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    Im not gonna lie. When it comes to gift giving, I do relate closeness to price when it comes to what I buy for people.

    Also.. when it's christmas, and my sister gets, say, a new flat-iron that costs 100 bucks and I get a 10 dollar foot spa. It's hard not to feel a bit stiffed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post

    ?Shopping Secrets You only shop discount stores at a computer in the privacy of your home because the thought of being spotted with a cart full of goods at K-Mart makes you shudder.

    Been there, done that, will keep on doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Been there, done that, will keep on doing that.

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    Most of the things on that list are actually shocking to me.

    I never judge anyone for anything. I would shop in Walmart if they had one where I live, but there isn't one. I don't think I would buy clothes or shoes there, but I don't care if anyone else does. I used to work as a buyer in the luxury market so I could never go to runways and not wear my vendors clothes. But outside of work, I just buy what I like and I don't mind spending money for quality and good materials (especially shoes) and I don't mind not spending money for fad items whose style changes with the season (like jeans).

    I never look in anyone's grocery cart because, truthfully, I don't even notice other people. This actually shocks me that people do that, I've never even thought of that before so it never occurred to me that others do this. Now I feel self conscious...

    What I hate the most is reversed snobbery. Whenever I walk into a social gathering, there is always someone who jumps over the table to see which handbag I am carrying or to ask me how I could spend so much on my shoes. Making a big show of trying to embarrass me. I don't understand why people care what others have and don't have. I think it's tacky to judge anyone for how much or how little they've spent. But that's just me...

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