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Thread: Insight-enhancing Drugs

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    Gaining insight in anything from smoking cannabis? Dude, you won't care about insights when smoking cannabis. It numbs you and has a sedative effect on your mind.

    There are two types of drugs. And not one type to gain insight and one type to get intoxicated. But instead there's one type of drug that sedates you and one type of drug that stimulates you.

    Cannabis is a sedative drug. Not a stimulative drug.

    Caffeine is a stimulative drug amongst others. If you want to gain a better insight, then drink a lot of black coffee. If you want to relax and don't care about anything, then use a sedative drug like alcohol or cannabis.

    Drug induced Trance? A myth. It's like sleeping with your eyes open. You won't get any further in your life with them.

    I generally don't do drugs anymore, because I am in love with my normal state of mind. If I feel a bit weary I down a Red Bull or two though. So I'm not entirely drugless.

    I did cannabis, lsd, speed, cocaine, paddo's (shrooms), and ofcourse all conventional drugs like nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, etc. I did all this mainly to forget my worries, try out stuff, see what happens, being a teenaging rebel, etc. I'm not proud of any of it in hindsight. Because in the end, no drug can help me any better then being sober. No drug can solve any of my problems or make me feel better about myself in any way, living under constant influence is not living at all in my opinion. And in no way did I ever had an opiphany while under the influence of drugs that actually had any merit.

    The only things drugs have done, is shift my worries and problems ahead of me, piling them up in a big pile of worry-goo.

    I still do mild stimulants whenever tiredness is setting in though, but you still have to be careful with that. Can't trade off sleep entirely. :P (red bull, coffee, caffeine.)

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    Dude, don't put the ganja on a pedestal.

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    no drug equals a state of consciousness that can be described in concrete terms.

    it's always the mixture of who you are, with the drug. who you are is like 80% of the experience.

    sort of impossible to come up with a meaningful number, because it not a matter of volume. it's more like you are the whole content, and the state is just a shape, imposed on you. but even this shape is relative to you.

    if some "Buddhists" are able to use weed for insights, that does not mean you can use it at all.
    it's more likely to use you.

    when i took it 9 years ago (regularly, about one year long), i had not much insights, especially not spiritual ones. i might have had insights that related to where i was at, in terms of my stage of development. i might have had one or two dreams that were like memories, that might have been the expression of a stage shift or just a deep dive into the subtle. but i found nothing that was not yet a part of me, anyway. i just found it in a more focused way. like, dude, i knew this part of my soul, but i did not know it was that real...

    other than on altered states, insights depend on interpretations, which represent stages of development. those are not elevated by weed, as well. maybe people who can deliberately elevate their state-stages without drugs, can do it better with weed. maybe they will be able to transport the occasional interpretation from a higher state-stage into their normal range of wisdom. but weed is definitely weak in it's ability to provoke state-stage shifts.

    since weed connects the brain hemispheres, even a language retarded person like myself might write a "poem" fluently, that features 200 lines/rhymes .. I did that, actually the morning after smoking. the topic was the memory of the introspective/emotional process i had the night before. i never wrote or painted anything while being on weed.

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    well...i haven't read many of the replies so sorry bout that but the truth is actually that it's most likely that you will just have a few laughs with your friends and have a good time and really enjoy your's possible to have that sort of experience definitely. some of the most important life altering conversations i've had in my life were when i was high. i've had several hour long spiritual conversations that really shaped my's possible for sure.

    eta: i don't mean to encourage this...totally sounds like i am. just meant to give a non judging response...ask your dad.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    There are two kinds of drug users in this world:
    Those who do it to become intoxicated
    Those who do it to gain insight.

    In this thread, I'm not going to adress any one single general question, but rather just have discussions, mainly about marijuana, and about certain member's opinions towards this.

    I read on another forum about how certain people use marijuana solely for the mind-effect, and the insight and "centered" feeling it brings. This really appealed to me.

    The Indian's smoked marijuana before losing themselves in trances, visions, meditation, and rituals. Hindu and Buddhist monks used marijuana as a way of achieving a sense of wholeness; being.

    Many of the world's most finest visionaries, seers, sages, holy figures, and icons engaged in this drug.

    So I know this is a bit scattered, but does anyone have anything to offer? I'm very tempted.


    edit: I now realize that this would have better fit in the Bonfire. So if any admis agree, than feel free to move this.

    Ok, I'll be hated for saying this as it seems that so many are for the drug BUT. . .
    I haven't done a lot of marijuana because when I get down, I tend to get depressed. Horribly depressed. As if I don't know myself anymore or understand a thing.

    I have done loads of hallucinogens though; And yes, I got insights hellouva much and stuff, especially liked to write on it, or paint but what I didn't understand was that it confused my mind so badly that I nowadays feel less whole. I've done a multitude of different drugs and the only thing they all have in common is: It's hard to know how much the correct amount is and when it is time to stop.

    Also, it dulls the mind in most ways. Also, I would say that you should make sure to wait three months in between any drug use; just to make sure you stay your own.

    Well; I have friends that consider smoking pot just before going to sleep gives them time to reflect and gain insights.

    Is the omega-3 just a myth or does it help with memory loss after smoking?

    And as others have pointed out; it piles up miseries. Not to be trifled with unless you are completely secure. And don't do it because of boredom or any other kind of negative feeling. Fix that before drug use. Please save yourself that misery at least.

    I have mixed feelings about drugs. ._.''
    Open for interpretation.
    Fell for the temptation: Nohari / Johari

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    1) never just smoke a joint or head, that someone else rolled/filled ... these freaks from hell! do it yourself.

    (especially if the guy looks like undead curt cobain)

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    Hindu and Buddhist monks used marijuana as a way of achieving a sense of whole-ness; being.
    Hmm.. From what I read, according to Buddhist precepts- intoxicating oneself through drugs/alcohol is something to avoid.. Perhaps it was Osho that we're referring to? That guy studied Buddhism intensively and believed that we should take sensual pleasures into account as human beings, and be okay with it.. while much of Buddhist philosophy says otherwise.

    I made a vow to never do drugs at a young age, only bc I grew up in super-ghetto conditions, and saw the effects it has on people. Drug dealers literally sold drugs in my mail-box- so ya get the point. We even had a guy on cocaine break into our place we were living at demanding for money, or else he'd shoot. So yah- I see how it can turn a situation from bad to worse.

    At the same time, I think there are some people who can handle drugs.

    Could be that they had a different set of life experiences that they felt they needed to explore?

    In my case, I went through a lot during childhood- so I experienced pain, pleasure, all the joys of life one can ask for, and all the sufferings combined into one- so I feel no need, no desire for that kind of stuff. My insight I gain- is through my understanding of my situation, and what I can *do* to change my life for zhe better!

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    I'm lost.

    Apart of me is wanting to try it.

    But there's apart of me that feels guilty and if some moral side to me is dying.
    I read everyone's comment and I can't disagree with anyone, so i'm pretty indecisive. I think I'm overthinking it, and making it a bigger deal than it is.

    Forgive me if I seem naive. I'm young and trying to sound bigger than I am.

    Who knows..thanks everyone.
    Is it that by its indefiniteness it shadows forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, and thus stabs us from behind with the thought of annihilation, when beholding the white depths of the milky way?

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    what sort of insights are you hoping for?

    i used to have a fascination with something, all my life, ever since i had seen some picture book for children with a fly agaric and little folks living inside of it ... something about visions ... and hoped to get my hands on some weed, but when i got it some day, somehow weed wasn't it ... i was so disappointed, that i somehow tossed my original fascination altogether... not sure, how or why i could forget about it so completely. it entered my head again nine years later. and i think that break was a good thing, because without these nine years of natural development, my interpretations of actual visions might have been quite problematic. live is so weird. you become who you have always been underneath, somehow. and it still takes that long.

    lurchi, the little salamander shaman ascending ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Forgive me if I seem naive. I'm young and trying to sound bigger than I am.
    Pretty much all the drugs being talked about here are pointless to start taking - it's a culture of myth. Caffeine being a small exception, if you take it in concentrated doses occasionally. They are, at best, recreational... and rather poor choices at that. It's not a big deal either way, although I am strongly in the 'pick drugs wisely' category... so do or do not do, but there is nothing particularly special about it. And the more 'special' you want, the more serious the drug. THC isn't that high up there as far as that goes, and has more long term side effects.

    If you are interesting in 'performance drugs', I suggest reading about Nootropics.

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