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Thread: When You Were Younger, What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

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    A witch.
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    An archaeologist or paleontologist.

    Seems to have been a popular pursuit, judging by my cursory review of the last couple pages.

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    I wanted to be Lara Croft.

    Now, I'd love to be Anthony Bourdain.

    I went through all kinds of phases as a child. I think, in the beginning, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved my pet cats so much. That quickly went out of the window and it sort of became a favorite topic-of-the-week thing; my aspirations ranged from singer to volcanologist. Up through my teenage years, I heard an assortment of random suggestions from the adults in my life - that I would make a great writer, model, lawyer, therapist, etc. There were even favorable comments on my athleticism, but such things are less often encouraged in women when it comes to the big picture/life pursuits, it seems.

    Then my family got a digital video camera when I was twelve, and I found a focus. I went to film school, which was great, but I still wasn't sure if I liked a system that relies so heavily on social networking. I would like to use these skills to create independently, which is essentially what my boyfriend has done.

    Now I work cameras for studio news broadcasts, run live graphics, and shoot sports highlights. I do a lot of hockey stuff, which I love. If the rest of the department is gone, then I anchor sports too. Those days are sometimes wild; I'm always producing, writing, shooting, and editing my show by myself. I feel that I could pursue this further if I could get over being so...shy of commitment, I suppose.

    Easy travel has always been high priority, for one thing. When I was in high school, I loved travel and international culture so much that I couldn't decide which language to I took two at once, and picked up a third in college. I would have taken more if there had been room in my schedule.

    I guess I still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up, haha. But I trust that I will know it when I see it, when I feel the gears sliding into place. If I just shot hockey and wrote/did photo stuff, that would be amazing. Creative writing is the one thing I've been doing consistently since I was two years old, so I will probably always orbit occupations that incorporate that talent, if not going full-blown author altogether.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLovelyAdventure View Post
    A secretary.
    TBH this is a job I wouldn't mind having now!

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cop... so I could arrest my parents when they made me mad
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    Lara Croft. All day.

    Jobs I thought I would do on the side: train dinosaurs, be a doctor, be an artist, a real magic witch...

    But mostly I wanted to go through crazy tombs and secret places and shoot things for treasure.

    It heavily influenced me as an adult still to this day even if it is just a video game. I'm pretty proud of my muddy-red hair because I find it similar to her hair in the early games/comics (don't get me started on the new stuff..) and I have always found longer hair more attractive in general. She's probably the only reason I like that cyan blue like color too. I got into the idea of learning other cultures because she travels everywhere and--big shocker--I love traveling. She never dismissed any idea as ridiculous, and she was always level headed and cool even when things went wrong. Her character just clicked with me, and never went away.
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    An airline pilot. As a grew older I started thinking about what I want to be semi-retired, first it was a music examiner, now it's an adjunct professor.

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    -Dolphin trainer
    -Olympic skier

    But what I've always REALLY wanted to be is a thief. You have to be smart and strategic, you can be your own boss, and I'm sure thieving is a great source of adrenaline. But alas, I have a conscience.

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    Doctor, bus driver, singer

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