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View Poll Results: How often do you use alcohol for the purpose of getting thoughts out of your head?

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Thread: How often do you use alcohol for the purpose of getting thoughts out of your head?

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    Question How often do you use alcohol for the purpose of getting thoughts out of your head?

    I'm curious about how people deal with getting thoughts out of their head. They're not necessarily bad thoughts. But too many thoughts can cause insomnia. Personally, I don't drink for that purpose but I just keep thoughts in my head and let them disrupt my sleep pattern sometimes. And because of that, I can get sick quite easily. I read somewhere that a lot of INTJs use alcohol to calm down their brain. What do y'all think about that?

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    hmm I use it when I feel myself getting controllably angry. Alcohol seems to have a calming effect on me and for some odd reason it calms me. Breathing rarely helps but a glass of wine always does the trick.They're not so much thoughts as they're emotions because I don't always know why I feel the way I do. Like this morning I woke up pissed off and I was all through the day and I can't figure out why. Nothing has happened to upset me.
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    I use it at a bar to get critical thoughts out of my head, but I guess everyone who drink does it for that reason. I never drink to change non-anxious thoughts, and never drink alone. I should add that I don't make a habit of drinking to get comfortable, but it's often the reason I drink if I decide to go out and have a drink.

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    I drink (when I do) usually either because I like the buzz (and/or the taste), but also because I'm just hurting and I can't stop thinking -- the self-awareness is too strong and I can't get away from it. I really really enjoy the floating sensation and having the voice in my head still for a bit, it's liberating for me.

    Occasionally I'll take a percocet; and I have sleeping pills I used again when I can't sleep because of the thoughts bouncing off the inside of my skull. That inner monologue/awareness is just excruciating sometimes, piercing and continual.
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    When something emotional is really stressing me and my thoughts simply wont let up but are not clear enough to be able to find a resolution, I can indulge. Its calming and numbs enough of my brain cells to slow down my thoughts. I dont do it very often but when I do it as a way of stopping thoughts Ill do it on my own then write down whats troubling me or jump about to loud music, or both

    I dont need to stop my thoughts when Im around others in a social setting as I find that distracting enough already.

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    There is no way I would sleep without help these days. Alcohol seems to be the tastiest sleep-aid.

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    I drink once every few months, and I never do it to escape from anything. It's more like a spur of the moment celebration. I used to smoke cigarettes to help me relax me when I was stuck with too many pressing thoughts - but I did it as more of an aid to my thinking than as an escape from it. The way I get thoughts out of my head is to think through them.
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    I often drink because it turns off that part of my head. The part that is a constant stream of thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I often drink because it turns off that part of my head. The part that is a constant stream of thoughts.
    Comfortably Numb
    I agree here...and drinking can also help to legally manage physical discomfort too. I make an effort not to use it too is an easy habit to get into.
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    When i drink i often turn into an Entp. Then i guess more extroverted thoughts enter my thinking. The two different thoughts are somewhat similar. But i'm used to the Intp ones. So i guess i drink to temporarily influence my thinking. In a way alcohol changes thoughts in my head. Any thoughts i'm trying to eject will eventually be revisited sometime soon anyway.
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