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Thread: I just realized that everything is subjective... what a mess.

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    I need to see if my boy William JAmes dismisantled this objective vs subjective shit like he did everything else...... if not, standby!

    EDIT: I have half of it already and it's in the last line of your OP: It has to do with lingual semantic references to (degrees of) knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldanen View Post
    To say that "all knowledge is subjective" is akin to saying "there is no absolute truth." In order for those statements to either apply to all knowledge or all truth, they must be objective. I believe that reality is objective, but that our perceptions often conceal reality behind shaded glasses. We see elements of truth at times, but also elements of our own belief systems, together.

    Lol, persona 4.

    On topic:
    As someone who considers solipsism to be a valid way of viewing the world, I agree with the original post. All of reality is subjective, at least to us. There is no way, EVER, to know the "truth" that we seek to find. However, it is possible to feel, and experience things that happen in our lives that are significant, even if we don't know if they exist or not. That's what I strive to do.
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    Realising that everything is subjective is like realising that there is no God - everything is permitted.
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    and this is exactly the problems with religions.
    each religion assert that their way is the most correct one,
    while in fact even personality, perceptions etc of each person is different and can't be easily pooled like that.

    how can many people still don't understand this,
    and I still see around me people kept pushing me to enter this religion, that religion, only based on a "holy books" that's also written by mere human beings with their OWN personality, perceptions!

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    If there were no object to prompt subjective impression, how can the first subjective impression ever have come to be?

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    An old quote of mine I just found. Still makes perfect sense to me, so I hope it helps out.

    Quote Originally Posted by lemons View Post
    The limit of subjectivity is that of which it's possibility is no longer perceived to be considered a nuance.

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    er... I figured that out by myself in my early 20s.

    Largely based on reasoning and observation.

    Everybody is different and perceives uniquely.

    Nothing is proven to be absolute.

    Ergo, everything is subjective.

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