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Thread: Skipping graduation

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    I attended my high school graduation... I attended my BSc graduation... I skipped out on my MSc graduation.

    Why? First two were more of less important moments in life. Something I know my parents would like to capture... and I guess perhaps me as well to look back on. As to the ceremony for my masters degree? Nah. There's no distinction there compared to a BSc. The recognition is in the thesis you've published and the process of how you gotten there. That's why I skipped it.
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    I attended my high school graduation, but not the ceremony for my B.A. because I didn't want to signify to myself or others that my formal education was at an end. (I'm shooting for at least my M.F.A.) This felt right to me because while I participated in my high school graduation mostly for my parents and somewhat for myself, the B.A. was entirely my own work and I wanted to decide how much significance to assign to it. I will probably attend my Master's ceremony.

    As for the high school ceremony, I'm pretty sure that what just looked like a pompous, self-conscious ceremony to me looked to my parents like 18 years of very hard work marching across that stage. It was as much their rite of passage as mine. In light of all they've done for me and my love and appreciation for them, it seemed such a small thing to ask. Doing something for them rather than the other way around seemed like a good way to demonstrate "growing up and moving on."
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