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Thread: 13 facts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnestic View Post
    I am totally impressed.
    You just sparked an idea which sparked form a comment sparking off of what you just said.

    I did it in chemistry class. It didn't take me that long. I want some anagrams!
    Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

    Always reserve the right to become smarter at a future point in time, for only a fool limits themselves to all they knew in the past. -Alex

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    1. I believe in soulmates.
    2. All dogs love me, and I, them. I'm a puppy magnet. Unfortunately, kids love me, too.
    3. Nothing hurts me worse than when someone I think knows me, majorly misinterprets my intentions negatively.
    4. I was obsessed with old movie stars when I was a kid, and can still do really good impressions of Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis at any stage of their careers.
    5. I daydream a lot, and don't expect I'll ever stop.
    6. Bad pop or country music produces a visceral reaction in me. I cannot just tune it out.
    7. I can play any song on a Whistle Pop.
    8. I can do a perfect Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks voice.
    9. I get weirded out if I'm the only one in a chapel.
    10. I rarely curse, but sometimes think it's funny when people are able to curse creatively. I hate when people curse to try to show that they're rebellious in some way, though. It's lame.
    11. I'm thinking of getting pink highlights.
    12. I am a sappy romantic but you don't get to see it unless you're dating me.
    13. I used to read Dorothy Parker short stories during pep rallies in high school in quiet protest. I was sooooooo above team spirit.
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    1. I'm going to be forty very soon.
    2. I have two younger brothers and none of us share a father.
    3. I like jewelry I can put on and pretty much leave on permanently and not have to think about it.
    4. I have two daughters and two sons.
    5. I got married in 1992. Still married. Still like him a lot.
    6. I'm five foot two and my eyes are blue.
    7. I need about ten hours of sleep a day to feel good.
    8. I have psoriasis, so I am always looking for/trying to make skin products that don't make it worse.
    9. I like to have a garden and I have recently started keeping chickens for eggs.
    10. I didn't know who my dad was or meet him until 27.
    11. I love breaded and fried vegetables.
    12. I like to listen to podcast novels while I do house/yard work.
    13. I am a non-taster of PTC (certain bitter flavors).
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    1. My real name comes from a novel about the journey to heaven written in the 16th century.
    2. I collect corsets, shoes and eclectic jewelry while 99% of my other clothing is black.
    3. I love to cook, even more so for other people.
    4. I have the whole "The Crow" Flesh and Blood Comic series framed and on my wall (It's the installment in the series I've known with a female as the resurrected)
    5. I have an extreme faith in God and I truly believe everything has a higher purpose and meaning, and there no such thing as a coincidence.
    6. I practice the power of positive thinking.
    7. I like the smell of ginger and citrus.
    8. I have a generalized dyslexia.
    9. I would like to write a book about my life someday, but I probably won't because I don't know where to start.
    10. I take pleasure in the quiet and mundane things in life, I think that exciting drama filled lives are idealized, but they have no real fulfilling qualities.
    11. I wrote a list of things to do before I die and I am now working on them.
    12. I enjoy going places and just listening to people talk.
    13. If I could spend the rest of my life doing one thing, it would be cuddling.
    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    St. Stephen took rocks and St. Sebastian took arrows. You only have to take some jerks on an internet forum. Nut up.

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    I'm not very good at talking about myself, but here we go.

    1. I have one other sibling than my own, his name is Chris and he is seven years older than me, making him 25.
    2. I have loving parents, who are extremely paranoid, but without such I don't think I would be who I am today.
    3. I do my best to control myself in public; I don't have very good volume control (this is one of the reasons why I don't have secrets).
    4. I do my best to make sure that everything I say, or do, is honest, and if I start an action and then influenced by another person to act a certain way I become extremely neutral and stop the action that was influenced because it is no longer 'pure'.
    5. I do my best to find the reason behind everything and find that I take very, VERY few things seriously. (Seems ironic now) <--- parenthesis are edits for me, I will insert them after every mistake because I don't wish to change my original statement as there might be something I said, and meant even though I thought I typed something else.
    6. I like to be extremely open with people, but most of the time I am reserved because I don't feel my thoughts will be accepted.
    7. I do my best to stay relaxed and carefree. This is a side-effect of me wanting to be different, or what I often call 'better' than my parents, though their tendencies have rubbed off on me.
    8. I am either extremely hyper, or extremely calm. I haven't been diagnosed with being bi-polar and no one has really thought I was, or brought it up; I'm pretty confident that I may have stage 1, which isn't really that bad.
    9. I try to be extremely logical, but at times when I am logical I wish I could just react to the very first thought I have. (But then I think of the consequences)
    10. I try my best at using grammar in my writing, because I have never really been good at it. Comma's kill me sometimes.
    11. I am very lonely most of the time. I'm surrounded by friends and family, but I'm afraid of showing who I really am to people out of fear of not being accepted. (Seems to be a common statement. Sorry for the redundency)
    12. I have a superiority complex mixed with a inferiority complex. I show on the outside that I am extremely confident and smart, but on the inside know that there are others far greater than I (Or is it 'me'?).
    13. I myself don't really know who I am on the inside. This first sentence has led me to create a theory about personality. It is impossible to have an original thought (something that wasn't influenced by something else) so when you decide in your life to change and becoming something else you can no longer stop the chain reaction that occurs. Your experiences will always follow you even if you return to where you first started so it is impossible to not know who you are, which is the irony within the theory. Not knowing who I am IS who I am. I don't know how I actually feel towards issues in this life. To be quite honest I hate it here on earth, I hate what we've made it, and their are few redeeming features to this place. I can't however bring myself to remove myself from this world and so I have nothing left to do, but change what I see are flaws within this system (I think this is ultimately why the INTP thought process exists). (Full of contradictions).

    All of this makes my very first statement seem like a lie. I guess it helps that I'm not in front of people, and could delete this if I wished too.

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    I've never heard of this and I'm not sure how well I'll do but I'll give it a go:-

    1. I reckon I spend too much time online but its a habit I'm having real difficulty breaking.
    2. I dont watch any TV apart from the Simpsons, although I do have DVDs which I watch on my laptop.
    3. I work shifts and the pattern tends to screw up any prospect of a social life.
    4. I'm a bad Roman Catholic.
    5. I believe in both socialism and indivdualism. Although I identify most strongly with an age and value system which predates both, at least how that age is most often depicted by modern historians (warts and all).
    6. I love reading, if I won the lottery I'd do nothing but spend time in the gym and in my own library. That said I guilt myself terribly about the collosal amount of books I have, probably more than I'll ever read, and my tendency to just add more to the collection.
    7. Battered Haggis is objectively one of the greatest things you could possibly eat.
    8. By and large people have no idea just how much they piss me off and my entire life has been one big process of learning even more sophisticated ways of dealing with it.
    9. I love old time radio shows and listen to them on free podcasts while playing majong.
    10. I also love real old black and white features, I tend to find they had to rely less on special effects, more on acting and scripts but I get a weird nostalgia for an age I was never in.
    11. I've got eclectic and totally unrefined music tastes, I'll randomly listen to piano albums, rage against the machine and Johnny Cash, with few expections I'll listen to most things.
    12. I reckon I've only ever experienced happiness for short, snap periods and even that its more a recollection or memory than direct experience.
    13. Philosophy is essential to life, so are a range of other theories, the ones that matter the most to me are political, psychological (particularly self-psychology and relational psychology) and existentialism (the unpretentious variety, generally novels, and I hate Satre with a vengence, Camus could have knocked him out but he did the honourable thing and called Satre and old guy instead).

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    1. It's really interesting to me to see the different ways people approach this. Some seem to focus on broad, general information about themselves (age, gender, location, etc.) while others are mostly including random-seeming trivia. I tend to prefer the trivia.

    2. Crayon color names are stupid, and I am the kind of person who is annoyed by this.

    3. When I joined this site, I thought I was INTJ. In fact, if you think about it from a Keirsey perspective, that probably does fit me best. I am amazed by how well Ti-Ne-Si-Fe applies to me. I get along best with people who appreciate Ne, who find it charming when I let it run wild and bounce from topic to topic, and who aren't annoyed when I interrupt my own stories seven times to go off on tangents.

    4. My username is taken from a song title, a sweet-and-creepy lullaby about death by a twee pop band.

    5. I love music, but I seldom post in the music-related threads on this site. I'm interested in politics, but I seldom post in, or even read, the politics sub-forum. I like sports, but I seldom post in, or even read, the sports sub-forum. I always, always check the Graveyard first when I log on.

    6. I'm starting to get self-conscious about my use of I and I'm. It feels self-centered, even though it's kind of the point of this exercise.

    7. I downloaded a Commodore 64 emulator today.

    8. I love garlic. I put it in everything except desserts.

    9. I get incredibly grossed out by loud gulping and heavy breathing in normal situations. Pull yourself together before you step in front of me and start a conversation. Also, I used to know a guy who would pop his zits and eat them, in public.

    10. When I dislike people, I find it difficult to conceal.

    11. My fingernails are sort of a teal color right now. I thought it was going to look horrible, but it's kind of nice. They're chipping, though, and I'm going to remove the polish tonight before I go to bed. I use pure acetone, because the polish remover they have at the supermarket contains gelatin, and I think that's disgusting.

    12. Once, I accidentally got high on acetone fumes. I wouldn't ever do it on purpose, but it was fun.

    13. Best high I ever had: nitrous oxide. As soon as I came down, I wanted to do it again. Scary stuff, and I've never touched it since.

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    7. I downloaded a Commodore 64 emulator today.
    CJ The Elephant rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark
    I hate Satre with a vengence, Camus could have knocked him out but he did the honourable thing and called Satre and old guy instead).
    It's too bad Camus smashed up his car.
    Sartre's not bad, but I resonated more with Camus.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    It's too bad Camus smashed up his car.
    Sartre's not bad, but I resonated more with Camus.
    Took a lift with a friend did he not and die with a rail ticket in his pocket? I heard something like that, Satre is an example of the intellectual par excellence that Schumpeter saw as the harbringer of doom.

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