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Thread: Your conflict Management Style?

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    Default Your conflict Management Style?

    Score yourself:

    result sheet:


    My scores:

    - Competing - ................ 1.) 4
    - Accommodating - ............. 2.) 3
    - Compromising - ............ 3.) 3
    - Avoiding - .................... 4.) 4
    - Collaborating - .............. 5.) 4
    - Competing - ............... 6.) 3
    - Accommodating - ............ 7.) 2
    - Compromising - ........... 8.) 4
    - Avoiding - .................... 9.) 2
    - Collaborating - .............10.) 3


    Avoiding............. - Total = 6
    Accommodating..... - Total = 5
    Compromising.... - Total= 7
    Competing.......... - Total = 7
    Collaborating....... - Total= 7

    Primary conflict handling style: ........ Compromising/Competing/Collaborating
    Secondary conflict handling style: ..... Avoiding

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    Collaborating: 9

    Compromising: 8

    Avoiding/Accomodating: 7

    Competing: 5

    Primary conflict handling style: ........ Collaborating
    Secondary conflict handling style: ..... Compromising

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    Primary Style:
    Collaborating - 10

    Secondary Style(s):
    Avoiding - 7
    Accommodating - 7
    Compromising - 7

    Little interest in:
    Competing - 4
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    Oh *giggles* this was interesting

    Avoiding ~ 9
    Accommodating ~ 9
    Compromising ~ 6
    Competing ~ 2
    Collaborating ~ 7
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    Avoiding - 4
    Accommodating - 7
    Compromising - 6
    Competing - 5
    Collaborating - 10

    Primary - Collaborating
    Secondary - Accommodating

    "I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Avoiding - 9
    Accomodating - 7
    Compromising - 10
    Competing - 6
    Collaborating - 9

    Primary Style - Compromising
    Secondary Style - Collaborating/Avoiding
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    Ideally I just go for this:

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    Avoiding- 4
    Accomodating- 4
    Conpromising- 6
    Competing- 8
    Collaborating- 5

    Primary Style - Competing
    Secondary Style - Conpromising
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naem View Post
    Avoiding - 5
    Accommodating - 7
    Compromising - 7
    Competing - 5
    Collaborating - 7


    I guess it goes:
    Primary - accommodating, compromising, collaborating
    Secondary - avoiding, competing

    I'm such a gray area on so many things...
    Apparently, the more you get in your primary section means you're balanced its good to get more.

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    More Info:

    The Competing Shark
    • Sharks use a forcing or competing conflict management style
    • sharks are highly goal-oriented
    • Relationships take on a lower priority
    • Sharks do not hesitate to use aggressive behaviour to resolve conflicts
    • Sharks can be autocratic, authoritative, and uncooperative; threatening and intimidating
    • Sharks have a need to win; therefore others must lose, creating win-lose situations
    • Advantage: If the shark's decision is correct, a better decision without compromise can result
    • Disadvantage: May breed hostility and resentment toward the person using it
    • Appropriate times to use a Shark style
      • when conflict involves personal differences that are difficult to change
      • when fostering intimate or supportive relationships is not critical
      • when others are likely to take advantage of noncompetitive behaviour
      • when conflict resolution is urgent; when decision is vital in crisis
      • when unpopular decisions need to be implemented
    The Avoiding Turtle
    • Turtles adopt an avoiding or withdrawing conflict management style
    • Turtles would rather hide and ignore conflict than resolve it; this leads them uncooperative and unassertive
    • Turtles tend to give up personal goals and display passive behaviour creating lose-lose situations
    • Advantage: may help to maintain relationships that would be hurt by conflict resolution
    • Disadvantage: Conflicts remain unresolved, overuse of the style leads to others walking over them
    • Appropriate times to use a Turtle Style:
      • when the stakes are not high or issue is trivial
      • when confrontation will hurt a working relationship
      • when there is little chance of satisfying your wants
      • when disruption outweighs benefit of conflict resolution
      • when gathering information is more important than an immediate decision
      • when others can more effectively resolve the conflict
      • when time constraints demand a delay\
    The Accommodating Teddy Bear
    • Teddy bears use a smoothing or accommodating conflict management style with emphasis on human relationships
    • Teddy bears ignore their own goals and resolve conflict by giving into others; unassertive and cooperative creating a win-lose (bear is loser) situation
    • Advantage: Accommodating maintains relationships
    • Disadvantage: Giving in may not be productive, bear may be taken advantage of
    • Appropriate times to use a Teddy Bear Style
      • when maintaining the relationship outweighs other considerations
      • when suggestions/changes are not important to the accommodator
      • when minimizing losses in situations where outmatched or losing
      • when time is limited or when harmony and stability are valued
    The Compromising Fox
    • Foxes use a compromising conflict management style; concern is for goals and relationships
    • Foxes are willing to sacrifice some of their goals while persuading others to give up part of theirs
    • Compromise is assertive and cooperative-result is either win-lose or lose-lose
    • Advantage: relationships are maintained and conflicts are removed
    • Disadvantage: compromise may create less than ideal outcome and game playing can result
    • Appropriate times to use a Fox Style
      • when important/complex issues leave no clear or simple solutions
      • when all conflicting people are equal in power and have strong interests in different solutions
      • when their are no time restraints
    The Collaborating Owl
    • Owls use a collaborating or problem confronting conflict management style valuing their goals and relationships
    • Owls view conflicts as problems to be solved finding solutions agreeable to all sides (win-win)
    • Advantage: both sides get what they want and negative feelings eliminated
    • Disadvantage: takes a great deal of time and effort
    • Appropriate times to use an Owl Style
      • when maintaining relationships is important
      • when time is not a concern
      • when peer conflict is involved
      • when trying to gain commitment through consensus building
      • when learning and trying to merge differing perspectives

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