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View Poll Results: Would you rather be stressed or bored?

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  • J: bored is better

    20 23.26%
  • J: stressed is better

    12 13.95%
  • P: bored is better

    35 40.70%
  • P: stressed is better

    19 22.09%
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Thread: Would you rather be stressed or bored?

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    when im stressed i get pushed. when i get pushed i get creative. when im creative im happy.
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    I'm looking for the 'it depends' button. If I want to get something done, I NEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD stress. If I'm on vacation/have some spare time, I NEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD to relax (be bored). So yeah, I have no idea what to choose....Not trying to be difficult.
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    Being bored sucks because in order for me to get bored in the first place, that means there's literally nothing to do with excites me.
    A little stress here and there allows me to use my problem-solving skills to fix things.
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