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Thread: We are, all of us, at a hypothetical party! :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post
    I'd be telling dirty stories to mon, luminous and sanveane and they would probably almost call the police/security on me because of my foul mouth!
    I say no need for the cops, just give me a sweaty sock and some duck tape

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    Yes, this whole forum is a hypothetical party.
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    I'd start the party by drugging my fellow ENFPs (via punch) so I could then proceed to shower everyone else with me ENFP awesomeness with no competition.

    I'd go to the INFP/INFJ booths and scout for any "Woman of my life".

    Failing that, I'd go to the ENTJ or ESTJ booths and throw a general purpose "all female ENTJ/ESTJ in this booth" insult and reap the benefits of having a prideful chica hunting my sweet ass down to the ENTP booth which, by then, would be completely empty seeing as how my ENTP cousins would be doing some "treasure-hunting" of their own.

    Amidst all ENTJ/ESTJ females I'm bound to find one that pities me (since my cockiness is "pitiful") enough to grant me the "Anger management of my life".

    Failing that I'd try to get lucky with the remaining 14 types' women with my vodka/redbull-fueled breakdance moves on the dance-floor.

    Failing that (and here comes the most likely scenario of the evening) I'd renounce my love of women (deeming them shallow and unworthy) and get myself drunk. Everyone would be having a good time and I would end the evening talking about "how shitty life/romance is" with an omega-male ENTJ who realized that night that he's "not as awesome as I thought I was".
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    you are indeed
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    The flag removers are cheating! There must be an FP in charge
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    The ENFP booth would definately be the most entertaining...

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