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Thread: Humanity will become stupider?

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    The west will continue to move away from unskilled labour so I think there is some drive towards using your brains. Also alot of asian countries tend to be big on education. India especially, alot of people that work in call centres actually have degrees in India.

    (If you want to have a call centre with a high level of knowledge (degree based) it really has to be outsource to India )

    I'm going to be pedantic and suggest humanity on the whole will get smarter but mainly driven from non U.S countries (The U.S having really carried alot of the progress the last 60 years). Continental Europe and Asia seem to have quite a high education level. I would expect Asian to continue to close the science gap rapidly and maybe over take the U.S.

    It is a worrying sign in the west that so many people are overweight. When you have doctors saying your are reducing your life expectancy and they still can't get motivated for themselves or indirectly for their partners or childrens sake that's a big concern. If you can't get people to exercise and eat right to help themselves what hope do you have of getting them to become more educated.

    Seriously, is it that hard to read a book a month, that's 12 for the year. That alone would be a help.
    "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
    Bertrand Russell

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    I read a quote somewhere: Human's aren't robots, but given the choice, they will always behave as such.

    I think as we've become more and more dependent on technology over the last 200 years -- particularly the last 50, 20 and 10 years -- the need to understand the world ontologically has become less prominent for the masses.

    Our opinion's come to us prepackaged, like fastfood, no thinking required. Whether from the media, politicians, religious leaders thought isnt nessecary in this age, as we can always find someone else to do it for us.

    Now one could argue that things to a degree have always been like that, and I would agree with you; however, I think with the advent of radio and television in particular, the potential to export the same message to a large number of people, over a large area, has left us with in some regards a ideologically monopolized 'collective consciousness' -- for lack of a better term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    So I just saw Idiocracy, a comedy with Luke Wilson, and I found the premise of the movie frighteningly believable. The premise (for those who haven't seen it) goes like this:

    Intelligence is no longer required as a survival trait for humans given our level of technology. In fact, it is now a hindrance to reproduction since intelligent people today are, on the whole, less likely to have large numbers of children (or any children) than stupid people. Thus, over time, stupid people will reproduce far more than intelligent people, and thus intelligence will gradually be bred out of the species.

    I could definitely see this taking place in the more affluent West, but I guess the salvation of humanity is a) immigration, b) religions which discourage birth-control, c) eugenics and d) abject poverty.

    Still, I've often wondered (after reading literature of former centuries) whether we are becoming stupider. Any thoughts?
    Intelligence does not matter. Nor it can be defined. Eugenics is asocial nihilism. It was widely practised in the Marxist-Fascist state of Sweden and even more in Nazi Germany.

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    Will passivity impair our ability to adapt? Eventual extinction? We've seemed to need to be constantly striving, growing etc. to be able to adapt to whatever changes that have come in the evolution of our species. When we stop growing; becoming passive; 'lazy', etc. will we be able, as a species, to survive?
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    This might sound abit out there, but don't underestimate our ability to make learning/thinking fun. We've taken a step in the right direction with those new game consoles that you move around to control (Playing = exercise).

    Technology is increasingly pervasive in education and our access to it at home is growing. We can push down that path of technology/education/fun. It can be done, I learnt alot about history by playing Civilization/Colonization.

    With our currently level of technology there's no reason you can't just get some of the leading experts in each field to record lectures and just provide them to people to watch. Say they did one a month and people got shown them at school you might get people into the habit of watching them for the res tof their lives. One lecture a month isn't much to ask.

    There's alot of simple stuff that can be done, I find it odd that we make learning for under 12's fun but once your 13 you're supposed to take it all seriously. Even shows like mythbusters. Anything fun that gets people thinking.

    Take Carl Sagan's Cosmology series, people rave about it. It's been suggested they should redo it but with modern special effects.

    Whether you agree with it or not, as an example, lots of people went to see the inconvient truth and Crude. They gave up their money and some of their free time. I think their is hope, people want to feel involved.
    "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
    Bertrand Russell

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