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    ^I would love to know what the dream was. I really can't fathom what sort of storyline would make a cognitive function so scary- Fe or not. It was bizarre.
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    I had a dream about Metaphor's new avatar last night. It scared me to death.

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    I had a crazy dream about another member last night.

    I'm not sure whether it was brought on by this thread or not, as I believe I've dreamed of members before, but this one was really interesting.

    It took a lot of elements I perceive in the person's personality, and put them into a semi-surreal, semi-realistic, acted-out context.

    I believe other members kinda showed up as well, but merely as presences that were not really ever seen.

    There was nothing sexual whatsoever about this dream; it was just really interesting.

    I am going to try and describe the dream in full in this thread.

    The dream was about _ _ _ _ _ _...
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    I had a dream of Rainbows, we were at walmart, and I was visiting her while we worked, she wans't really doing any work, just hanging about, and she opened a few lolis from the box and gave me one, and we enjoyed them as we mocked customers.

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    I've had dreams about many members who frequently use ventrilo. I would estimate that only 40% of those dreams were sensual or erotic.
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    Last night I dreamt about a member who kept walking through each of my dreams. It was so matter-of-fact, instead of creepy, scary or threatening.

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    I had a dream about tg a while back. I like tg irl, but man did she piss me off in my dream. I almost killed her. LOL

    and I also had a dream about Nancynobullets 2 nights ago! we went to go get icecream

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    I dreamt about a member here with whom I don't interact at all. He was my Dad/guardian figure in the dream and he was a trucker, I a trucker's daughter and we lived in Maui. He had a gleaming white rig and was a terrible driver and I kept wanting to get out of the truck but couldn't.

    (Hmm, this is actually making perfect sense to me on some deeper level as I'm typing. Uhoh).

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    Well, I had a really, really weird dream a while ago.

    The first thing I remember is sitting behind my father on a bunk bed... he says something that makes me angry, and I push him into the floor, nearly killing him. I panic as a result. The first thing I do is run down a hall to my room, and jump out of the window (it's on the first story, so it's not dangerous). I run for a while, and then start walking. Eventually, my Dad's wife calls me, and tells me that she talked him out of going to the police, but said that if he ever sees me again, he'll kill me. While I'm relieved to hear that, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by my situation. I'm kind of lost, and I can't figure out where I am or remember any phone numbers, for some reason. I just keep walking along the street, hoping to find something I recognize... when all of a sudden, a large semi-truck goes past.

    Surprisingly, the semi-truck slows down, and the driver yells to me. I look over, and I realize it's Jenocyde driving the truck. She asks what I'm doing out there, and I end up saying, "I messed everything up, I hurt someone. Now I'm lost out here and I don't know what to do." I ask, "What are you doing out here, anyway?" and she explains that she was on her way back to New York from a TypoC meet-up in Texas. She insists on driving me to a hotel, even though I tell her she doesn't have to. The whole way there, and for a while after we arrive, she talks with me, and keeps giving me reasons why I shouldn't feel like my situation is hopeless, and explains various things I can do. Eventually, I come up with some kind of plan, but I don't know the details until later. Afterwards, she leaves. All I know is that there's a place I have to go, something I have to do there, and that I'll know what it is when I arrive. Then, I go to sleep for the night.

    After I wake up, I go downstairs and I ask a bellhop and a security guard what my mother's telephone number is. They go over to a computer and pull the information out of a database. They hand me a piece of paper with the telephone number on it, as well as a set of blueprints. As soon as I touch them, I remember my mother's phone number, the address of the hotel, and my plans in more detail. I recall that I need to go down a street that I know, and locate a portal, but that I won't know what the portal looks like until I get there.

    Anyway, I call my mother, and she arrives quickly at the hotel, and takes me home. I have dinner with her, and sleep through the night, but then I have to go out looking for what ever was detailed in my plans. So, I leave the house, and I soon find myself walking down the street that was mentioned. At first it's relatively easy, but the street slowly goes into a greater and greater state of disrepair, and passes through worse neighborhoods, so I start getting nervous. Eventually, I come to a point where most of the street is boarded up with plywood, there are lots of circular saws running, and tons of mangy dogs guarding the other side of the street. I sidle past the plywood barrier on my side of the street, and I find myself in a very badly made room. There's a man in there with a welding mask on, wielding a welding torch in each hand, trying to burn me with them. I get burned a couple of times, but I manage to avoid catching fire. Somehow, I knock his mask off... and I see a weird Hispanic bully from 9th grade, who I had managed to convince to stop picking on me. He laughs manically, and then whistles for his dogs that were outside. They all morph into an almost human form, looking like half-transformed werewolves or something.

    I notice a gun lying on a table, and I grab it and try to shoot... and flames come out of it. Suddenly, Kasper appears with another gun, and he and I manage to keep them at bay for a while by scaring them with fire, but eventually the flame guns run out of energy. At this point, we're cornered and one of the monsters is about to finish me off... and then, Whatever appears with another flame gun, and shoots it to draw attention. The unmasked bully tries to go after Whatever himself, but she starts using martial arts and is managing to hold him off. She winks at me, and then suddenly I and Kasper know how to use martial arts as well. I ask how this is possible, and Kasper just says, "Remember my old name," and I realize that this situation isn't quite real. We all manage to beat up the bully, and then his minions start coming for us, but they're no match for our skills. Then, when they've finally let up momentarily, Whatever points to a lever marked "Sleeping/Awake," and I immediately go over and flip the lever into the "awake" position... and wake up.

    That's a weird thing that always happens in my dreams... I'm always finding doorways, buttons, and switches that wake me up, and they actually work! Another weird thing, was that there were four ExTPs in the dream, including my father. Two were male, and two were female. Two were ENTPs, and two were ESTPs. I wonder why it worked out that way? Oh, well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    That's a weird thing that always happens in my dreams... I'm always finding doorways, buttons, and switches that wake me up, and they actually work! Another weird thing, was that there were four ExTPs in the dream, including my father. Two were male, and two were female. Two were ENTPs, and two were ESTPs. I wonder why it worked out that way? Oh, well.
    Oops, sorry I think this was my bad, you seem to have clicked a utube video that wasnt supposed for you :/

    Watch this one and the entps will vanish from your dreams:


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