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Thread: What's wrong with hypocrisy?

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    I think a combination would work best for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Stars View Post
    I think a combination would work best for now.
    Let's call it, "Silent Victor and the Therapy Thread", in the "Other Psychology Topics".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    I think it becomes a problem when it involves power. For instance, if there is a person in power who has the ability to enforce certain rules or maxims, and they enforce those rules or maxims rigidly when it comes to others, it is quite despicable when they themselves don't follow the rules but are able to elide said punishment.
    I think I find hypocrisy particularly jarring when punishment is involved, like in Orangey's example.

    I guess I also see hypocrisy in more mundane day to day events as being a measure of someone's personal integrity. I find myself being quite wary of those who are hypocritical but are unconcious of what they are doing. There's a fault-line in the mind. I dislike the inconsistency of it all rather than seeing it as morally wrong as such. I try to notice when I'm acting or thinking hypocritically because I've found it's often a signpost to something I need to work on.

    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post

    Do you tell someone that their new haircut looks like a 3 year old went to town with thier play scissors?

    When you see someone who you really dislike, but who has power over your job, are you nice to them or do you say what you think?

    Do you pretend to be happy when your grandma knits you a sweater in a color and pattern that you loathe for Christmas?

    These things could be construed as hypocrisy- presenting yourself as nicer than you really are- but if people didn't do them all of the sensitive people would continually have thier feelings hurt, and a lot of us wouldn't have jobs
    There are ways of minimising the hypocrisy in those situations to maintain personal integrity. IMO, avoiding saying something negative is quite different from gushing with fake positive comments - you minimise the hurt feelings of the other person but without deluding them with false praise/niceness. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    i think it's unavoidable but should be avoided at all costs. false information/messages are not a good thing, no matter what the logical/illogical reason for it.
    "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. "

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    It symbolizes injustice.

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