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Thread: Why is it unfair that you are not female/male?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    My mind is masculine. My appearance is very feminine. This confuses people. I suppose I could go about my life easier if I was male. Just for perception sake.

    Other than that, I see no other benefit.
    No pic no proof.

    Retracted, this woman speaks the truth, except I don't know about the whole masculine mind thing.
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    Default The Dentist

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    (Over here in the States, wearing a sarong usually just makes a man need to go visit his dentist, to get his teeth wired back in.)
    It sounds like the '60s never happened.

    Here it loosened things up and made greater choices possible.

    It became possible for men to wear their hair long and for women to wear theirs short.

    It became possible to make a million dollars or live simply.

    It became possible to fight for the rights of children or to have no children at all.

    It became possible to go to University or devote yourself to Sport.

    It became possible to live in the fast lane or to follow the slow food movement.

    Everything speeded up on one hand and everything slowed down on the other.

    It became possible to be an Environmentalist or a Consumer.

    Here you can walk into a shop in a bikini or a sarong, and no one would notice.

    And certainly there would be no need to call the dentist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    It sounds like the '60s never happened.
    Oh, it happened.

    But it was such a big explosion that the conservative elements dug in hard and tried to jerk it back. That resulted in all the televangelist/religious right swing of the '80's here.

    Things gradually went more towards "middle" in the 90's, and now things actually seem to be loosened up a bit again.
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    Ermmm... The title is kind of weird. I don't think such matters of fate really have anything to do with "fairness". That would seem to imply there was some kind of divine plan.

    But, as for the main point of the topic. Basically, a lot of stuff about me is supposedly feminine, and whenever I take any kind of test on the subject of gender, it always classifies me as female. So, I guess it would be more "appropriate" for me to be a woman, and that might be convenient. Generally, women are assumed to be given a worse deal than men, societally, but being an effeminate man is arguably a worse social position than being a "normal" woman.

    Other than that? I guess it would be pretty neat to have a woman's voice. They are such better singers than men.
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    Sometimes I wish I were a girl. I've picked up a lot of mannerisms that are seen as feminine. Working at a department store didn't help to suppress it either. I mean, it'd be fun to have a legitimate reason to play around at a cosmetic counter. It's the same thing with the clothes. Women have SO much more options. There's a purple coat we have that I told a girl that works in the Ladies department I'd have in my closet if I were a woman.

    There's nothing really that I find that much interesting about my gender. I seem to get along better with women. I don't know how much of this was brought on by me having most of my influence growing up come from my oldest sister.

    I make a lot of comments about ladies clothes and accessories in my store. I mean, not like a fashion expert, but I just point out the stuff I like. I get the most flak because my favorite color is pink.

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    I have never, ever wished I was a dude. I've experienced being condescended to because of my sex, but it just makes me want to change things for women, not to be on the other team.
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    Men have it good when it comes to reproduction


    Also flat chested people are better pool players

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    i always wanted to wear pretty dresses, but i look too masculine for that. so i don't dare to such a thing.
    If i was reborn i want to try living as a women, as it will be something new. But definitely i don't want to change or anything. But in the end i prefer being male as there's too many advantages. Being women i would have to deal with appearances, pms, etc. And i think being a NT women can be bit difficult in today's society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemonday View Post

    You are just complaining that you don't have balls. Quit complaining and get your skirt on!
    It's a Sarong. Incredibly comfortable. I sleep in one and regularly walk around the neighborhood in mine. I'm wondering whether I can keep up the same when I get to London next year... hmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    It sounds like the '60s never happened.
    Many things changed, yes, and people became a little less narrow minded here as a consequence of the 60s, but it happened later. I remember I was at the mall as a kid and saw a man with long hair. "Mom, why does he have so long hair?" It was THAT rare. And that was the eighties.

    And, people are always narrow minded. The mainstream hippies of the sixties are most likely being real conservative now (compared to my generation). It is like all the generations get stuck into some pattern of thought and can never change it or don't bother to.

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