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Thread: Learning How to Dance

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    Default Learning How to Dance

    Tell about your experiences as a young person learning "how to dance". If you were older when you finally learned, then tell about that.

    Those people who want to carry on about how one doesn't need to "learn" anything, but just feel "free" to move as the spirit indicates, then talk about the first moment you realized that.

    I'm thinking more about learning dances that other people understand well enough to match your moves etc. Fast dancing or slow dancing......

    We ( my whole class ) got sent to an after-school thing in sixth grade and our teacher was a lady known as Mrs. York, who was strict about people not being allowed to do certain kinds of dances, and made sure to have two or three chaperones always present. She didn't describe the forbidden dances in detail, but we all gathered that they must be "sexy" dances. She half jokingly told us to call her "Sargent York". ( I learned who that was years later. At that time the joke didn't make sense to me. )

    We learned the "box step" first, and did slow dances for a long while, before we briefly were taught a few fast dances.

    Some kids who had put a simple band together played a few songs towards the end of the class sessions. One of these guys was an old friend of mine, with the most unusual name for a guy. His first name was Sterling ( or Stirling, I forget ) and he'd been learning the drums as long as I had ever known him. He was a natural to be in the band. The singer was a guy that the girls all seemed to fancy, with another unusual name - Hunter. ( I heard he OD'd and died in High School or shortly thereafter, not long after my family moved away to the burbs. ) They could play "Little Black Egg" LOL. and a few other simple songs.
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    I learned to dance with a female friend- at night, while drunk in the center of campus in the rain... splendid setting to learn swing
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    What's the point of dancing? Why would one want to learn it?

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    I actually had a girl I liked practice slow dancing with me. She set aside time one day, and gave me the basic rules and motions, about where to place your hands, about where to move your feet. We tried it for part of one song so I could get a real idea of what it was like. I remember I was getting the hang of it pretty quickly, like after the first 20 seconds or so, and I told her that, but she just kept us going for about another minute...

    There's some complicated background to the story. But that's what happened. I feel very lucky that I got to learn it this special way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I learned to dance with a female friend- at night, while drunk in the center of campus in the rain... splendid setting to learn swing
    That sounds so fun. I want your experiences.
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    I'm...talented? at it. I kind of just tried the first time by imitation, and I was able to.
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    I've taken classes randomly over time, I've always wanted to be able to ballroom dance, I don't do very well with just moving to the music, I need steps.
    Most awkward: the night community class with my parents when I was 15 or so....I did want to learn but it was sooooo awkward.
    Silliest: Some early 1990's VHS of ballroom dance that my sister and I found. Actually learned something despite possibly being more interested in ridiculing the film.
    I'm currently in a very informal ballroom dance club, which gives lessons.
    Any sort of dancing in the rain is generally best though.

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    I learned how to dance in places where dancing was not allowed, ie. school. I started just shuffling my feet then eventually I did moonwalk and now I'm a dancing machine, and my head doesn't even move.

    Moonwalking is fun but the problem is you have to get someone else to jdge the quality.

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    I can move to music, but I've made it this far without learning how to dance a step from a technical standpoint. The only way I'll learn is if I get a girlfriend who wants to teach me because she loves to dance. I can be accomodating.

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    jumped onto youtube tbh

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