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Thread: November Self-Improvement Project

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    I'm still on track, missed yesterday and did double today. me!
    sorry about the cheerleader and the gratuitous thread bump

    Last day of October people, anyone else wanna get in on this project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    1. I want to stop biting my nails.
    2. I will cease to place my nails in my mouth and chew them till they are severed.
    3. Aye aye cap'n.

    (If it doesn't sound hard, trust me IT IS.)
    So far so good. It's been a successful endeavor and I am so proud of myself!

    Thanks for this idea Edahn!
    "There is no god; there is only us. Savage and fragile."

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    I consider my attempt: Fail.

    Everyone else?

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    Yup, fail. I managed to ride and read for about 10 straight days, then it was hit and miss until I lost interest entirely.

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