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    Default How do Fe valuers experience Fi and vice versa?

    Honest inquiry.

    Fe valuers (alpha and beta types) how do you experience Fi?

    Fi valuers (gamma and delta types), how do you experience Fe?

    Note you don't have to be an ethical type to asnwer - everyone values either Fe or Fi, even logical types.

    Edit: Since I've been asked, you can do a JCF analysis instead of socionics if thats more your thing.
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    I'll go first.

    Fe is really unpleasant to me.

    It feels like turning feelings, which to me are deep and personal, and meant to be shared in intimacy with someone special, into some kind of cheery group sentiment. Alpha quadra Fe is particularly annoying (though not unbearable) because in groups of alphas you always have to be positive and cheery. I don't always want my feelings to be positive, barf. I prefer depth. As soon as you share deep feelings with alphas its like you're speaking another language than they are. I crave an Fi connection above all else. If I fall in love, I tend to forget about everything else and it makes me crazy. I relish that feeling of being in love. But IRL, I actually don't express much vulnerbality. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't know how. This little bit of self-revelation is actually me going out on a limb. On another note, my Fe role function shows itself in that I am often cheery and making jokes when I'm with people. I like to cheer them up, but it is not really Fe, because deep down I care about how people feel and if they feel good with me. Fe would care more about the cheery emotion as an object itself, and not because of how people feel inside. So I make jokes not so much for the group "atmosphere" (I don't get what that is anyways) but my jokes are aimed at whoever feels better because of them. Because I don't want anyone to feel shitty.

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    I really don't do socionics much, so I asked the OP if I could do a JCF according to SfP version. Here it goes.

    There are two distinct places in the world, Fe space and Fi space.

    Fi space was described to me by PB as the place inside Fi users, deep down, where feelings occur, invisible to the world. It is a bad paraphrase, so sorry, but it how I explain it for myself.

    Fe space, coined by me, is the emotional and ethical space between people, the realm of human interaction.

    Everyone has Fi space inside and everyone lives in Fe space, but Fi users primarily feel ethics, values, and such internally, while Fe users' Fi space is generally unconscious.

    A nice example of Fe space is driving on the freeway. There are rules(Te) governing how drivers are to operate their cars, but how they actually do it is in Fe space. The merging, the tailgating, the lane changing, etc. by the drivers is a Fe system in action.

    As Fe dom, I feel directly connected to the emotional state of people with which I interact. There is no self reflecting on observed emotional states of others to determine what I would feel if I were them. I just do. And I can push emotional states on others with out much effort, or even after at all

    From my understanding, again per PB, directly connecting to the emotional state of Fi users can feel like a violation of their Fi island. Of course, the Fi island is really a peninsula, but acknowledging that, accepting that Fi space is connected to Fe space, is difficult for FPs.

    To me, strong Fi feels like a giant pilar of light in the Fe space. It is beautiful and alluring. It pulls at me, against my conscious desires.

    I believe it does so because (following the 8 function model, in a way), the shadow of the dom is a strong pull, more so than the inferior. And I believe growth really is, if a person is willing to fit through the pain, seeking the shadow of the dom and developing it.

    A Fe dom can sit with their feelings and try to explore Fi space. Likewise, a Fi dom can open themselves to Fe space. Both will be painful.
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    Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers" not "blessed are the conflict avoiders.....

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    “Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984
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    From my understanding, again per PB, directly connecting to the emotional state of Fi users can feel like a violation of their Fi island. Of course, the Fi island is really a peninsula, but acknowledging that, accepting that Fi space is connected to Fe space, is difficult for FPs.
    As a dominant Fi user, I don't want to be forced to feel my own feelings. Dominant Fe users want to feel things with you, their feelings and yours. If there might be anything sad in your life, some of them are determined to find out what it is. If that doesn't work, then they'll tell you about their sick or dead cats. I usually don't feel their feelings, but I have before. If I don't know the person well and/or don't want to, it makes me feel contaminated, confused and like I need a bath.

    @Typh0n I don't think this is what you wanted. Sorry!

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    I'm an INFP and my boyfriend is an ENFJ. He's the heart of every party and gets under people's skin really quickly. Wherever I take him, everybody just likes him. At first I thought that he was being fake with people. I thought that he was missing his own identity and therefore he could adapt to any group of people. Now I see that it's not true and that he very much has his own sense of who he is, it's just that he knows how to deal with people too well. So I learnt to actually love this, because I know that wherevere I take him, he'll be liked.
    There's one thing I can never get used to though... He always takes on the role a clown, the joker, the stand up comedian. He wants to entertain everyone and makes sure that everyone is having fun thanks to him. I mean... I know his intentions are pure, but sometimes I just wish he'd stay silent and stop attracting all the attention.
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    Channeling Fe feels fake and gives me anxiety, 0/10 would not recommend,

    Too bad ya gotta channel Fe to get ppl to like you -_-

    I don't trust Fe, feels so fake. They are only sincere at the moment that they're speaking, that's how it feels. No sense of emotional permanence. Fi is unexpressive, but once expressed thru Te you can def trust it coz it actually means something concrete, 10/10 would bring on groupons dates,
    "You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that."
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    “This world is beautiful. People can love each other and live life respecting each other. Someday everyone will come to realize that and this will become a beautiful world full of only such people.”
    — Kino no Tabi
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    Fi will horribly grate on my nerves when it refuses to discriminate.
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    Fe can come across as authoritative, stifling, and controlling as well as inauthentic. I also often end up feeling projected onto by dom Fe users, making it so that they use everything I say to try and show them their perception is inaccurate to confirm their own perception.

    In social contexts, Fe can seem boring, pointless, dogmatically against individuality, and forceful in a way that seeks to dilute or gloss over anything interesting.

    On the other hand, Fe can be nurturing, inclusive, loving, and can be a way to explore other points of view. It can illustrate the benefit of working toward the greater good, and valuation of Fe for Fi valuing types can lead to a more balanced personality that understands why people act and react the way they do, and why it's sometimes important to play along with the "script" inherent in certain types of socializing.
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    Fi in woman appears to be very selfish, its all centered around the reception of the self by others, but only by close ones. If it matures it becomes way more strong until unbeatable. But its very rare that its ever intrested much in other peoples feelings or doesnt even care much. It rather apprehends via logic and observation what others like and lets them be. Its like the perfect entp mate.

    Male Fi is very invisible to me. But I think some I will meet again in my life, trieing to kill me
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    I am tethered whether I am truly Fe or Fi

    To give my experience is that usually when among social interactions is when I connect with a stranger. I feel like a panic attack is going to commence. When I *connect*, I don't understand the psychic element of what is going on. Online is much more private so I can go through with it and it feels like scary magic.

    I usually communicate with logic/small talk even though I really don't prefer it. When people start to like me too much, I get to the point of uh... what do I do now.

    I don't have that response of "just accept it and enjoy it"

    I just blank out. I feel like this invisible force is like akin to experiencing an alien abduction. (not that I have ever been abducted... - at least thats what they want me to think )

    When I connect, I feel so vulnerable, is that I could just be eaten whole by the person irl.

    Idk if this even relates to Fe/Fi.

    Although there is warmth in some interactions that are very practical and we're working together. That's when I feel usually the most comfortable.. it's the silence space I cannot handle with feelings. The feelings need to be put into work of togetherness and working. It's pretty much why my date life is pretty much nil. Because asking no matter how confident I am puts a tunnel vision in my mind that we're intimate now, even when that's totally not the case.

    I just want to bleed (metaphorically) on them.

    I think that just sounds unhealthy.
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