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    I don't know about normal, but it does happen fairly often. Socionics and MBTI do have different takes on Jungian functions, more pronounced with some functions than others. It's worth noting that the equivalent of IxxP in socionics is Ixxj, so for example being INTP and INTj isn't truly an example of having different types as they are both TiNe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alea_iacta_est View Post
    It happens often. Whether or not people are mistyped in one system or the other is an entirely different matter and is highly controversial.

    Advice: Choose one system over the other.
    I actually like Socionics a lot. Some people find it overly specific or confusing, but I'm like oh yeah I am the romantic/sexual pseudo - aggressor (I pursue with the illusion of making myself scarce at key moments to make the person believe they are chasing me, or will have to chase me to finally conquer me, which results in unlovely games of push pull, etc) and I have the most "fun" with Gamma types who understand this method, and I relate to the overall Gamma Quadra. The only other Quadra I relate to is the bawdy drama of Beta, but SEE and EIE are common as a mix up.

    I even wondered if my ENTJ friend who I easily hit it off with was really an ESTP, but he surprised me recently followed up with me, after almost two years, with vastly improved written English (though his spoken English was previously remarkable for a Russian who had never been in an English speaking country) and he's now managing a hotel and working on his MBA, and I remember just weirdly clicking with this person when I met him, and I think it's Gamma quadra. I was also able to maintain an almost entirely emotional intense affair with a Gamma ISFj for about 18 months. There's something about Gamma quadra I think that is "easy" it's remarkable. Even my most recent lover is probably SEE-Se, and we had an intense sexual/spiritual bond but I don't think we compliment one another, he will always have to win or be the aggressor or the whatever, at least until he matures, a real lack of Ni that can make him seem boorish at times.

    It's very difficult for me to whittle this down succinctly into specifics, like they try to pair people off into various relations, but the groups actually make a lot of effing sense to me.

    Jungian function order is the most difficult to pin down by amateurs, and Keirsey frequently too boxy and insulting in its stereotypes (again there though I prefer the groups versus his individual types).

    At any rate, it's extremely common for introverts to flip the last letter.

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    I'm an INTP in MBTI and INTj/LII in socionics. Other INTPs I know are INTp/ILI in socionics. I even know a couple of MBTI INTPs that end up with something else- in one case INFp/IEI and ENTp/ILE in another case. One of the more drastic differences I've observed is an MBTI INTJ identifying with socionics ESTp/SLE.

    I think there is a tendency for introverts to flip the j/p and extraverts keeping the same letters but this is not always the case. They are two different systems after all.
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    Really, I'd be more worried if you were the same type in socionics as you were in MBTI, except if you are an extrovert.

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    I'm completely given to the opinion that types across these systems are always exactly the same (with the implicit caveat that Ip == IJ and Ij == IP).

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    Yes. Both are derivative of Jung's work, but that's where the similarities end. They aren't related in any way other than that. They draw some of the same conclusions because they have a similar source material, but that's their only relationship. There isn't any logical connection or any kind of dialogue between the two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teothebest View Post
    I have quite certainly typed myself as an INTJ in MBTI, still socionics tests keep typing me as an INTp and I have to admit the description are quite more suitable than MBTI's INTP.
    does it make any sense to you?

    I have noticed slight variations in the definitions of functions, still I'd like to receive a confirm from people more knowledgeable than me
    It is more normal or likely to have same MBTI and Socionics type in FUNCTIONS. For example, majority of INTPs (about 70%) type themselves as INTj in Socionics. Both MBTI INTP and Socionics INTj have Ti as first function and Ne as secondary one. That is, majority of them have typed with the same functions.

    See the poll for yourself: POLL: MBTI INxx types, what is your MBTI and socionics type?

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    If Jungian typology is objectively "true," and if MBTI and Socionics types don't match, then there's a problem with (a) one or both of the systems or (b) one's placement in those systems; since they're both intended to capture the same typology (but take different approaches).

    Huge freaking "if," though.

    I'd wager that the bulk of the mismatch "problem," if there is one, lies with (a). Lots of people think the problem is squarely in (b) territory. It's not.

    Huge stretch on the definition of "problem," too.

    As the systems are defined right now (e.g. specific definitions of functions, stackings, intertype relationships), they're pretty different in some aspects and somewhat different in others; and so there's no use losing sleep at night trying to reconcile one's place in the two.
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    Socionics is a lot depthier, so there's a lot more to it than just four dichotomies, so you'll actually find people getting completely different Socionics types (and they're not doing it wrong). The closer you get to the truth of yourself, the less you're going to test neatly between systems.

    Always always always start Socionics fresh and don't expect to get the same type or something similar. Free yourself from the Forer effect too.
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    I’m INFP/INFp. I think… There are no exact counterparts in the two typologies, it seems, especially for the introverted types—although both typologies derive from Jung’s 8 psychological types.

    If I take the view that the functions in each system are “really” the same, then I’m probably INFj (Fi-Ne) in socionics (rather than an MBTI INFJ, which is the functional stack counterpart of INFp in socionics)—yet it would still be true that the INFp description fits me better than INFj!

    I find it less maddening to just view each system’s functions as unique rather than try to force them to match.
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