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Thread: Socionics - Do you recognize your dual when you encounter them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    The duality relationship in Socionics is probably the most talked about and supposedly the strongest one.

    "Meeting a dual, interacting with your dual, positive self-realization in a relationship knowing your dual (dualization), duality is the relationship of complete mutual complement…" (Read more here)

    Do you feel that instant pull, that supposed connection when you meet someone who is your dual and what is it like? How do you know for sure? What is the dual connection about for you?

    List of Duals, for those needing the reference. Keep in mind that your MBTI does not necessarily translate and feel free to check out the quadra threads and the identification thread for this, if need be.

    LSE (ESTj) — EII (INFj)
    LIE (ENTj) — ESI (ISFj)
    ESE (ESFj) — LII (INTj)
    EIE (ENFj) — LSI (ISTj)
    SLE (ESTp) — IEI (INFp)
    SEE (ESFp) — ILI (INTp)
    ILE (ENTp) — SEI (ISFp)
    IEE (ENFp) — SLI (ISTp)
    Let's consider that Sociotype is, indeed, static from birth and based on genetics, which means that your dual should be someone highly genetically compatible to you.

    I always notice my duals by instinctual, sexual, baby-making compatibility. Do they always act like ESTj? Nope. Often, they're all over the board. Which tells me that MY vision of their behaviors and such are not the "real" them, and I must attempt to reframe my views of them or myself until I get closer to the objective reality of our existences.

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    No, it's hard to identify people's types IRL. It is possible to absolutely dislike a person of your dual type, and obviously no one will like a person just because they are the compatible type, like when opinions clash somehow. But on the contrary, discovering that you don't get along with a person of your dual type, does not mean that duality is a sham or something lol. I probably have met LSEs, but I am not entirely sure as no one I know well is one.
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    Now that I know socionics I almost always notice them, but before I did too, only that it was subconcious.

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