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Thread: Finding my mothers socionics type

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    Default Finding my mothers socionics type

    My mother is an ENFJ in MBTI and I've not been able to find her type on socionics

    Ethical intuitive extrovert - Wikisocion

    This is ENFj which should be the same as ENFJ in mbti but reads very P things like "EIEs are prone to making errors in daily routine. This can include having little or no idea of where they put an object, allowing neglected responsibilities to pile up, or failing to remember important tasks given to them; excessive procrastination is common in EIEs."

    I thought maybe that meant that she was an ENFp in socionics

    Intuitive ethical extrovert - Wikisocion

    While she hasn't read this one yet I doubt its her due to "IEEs are skittish about any sort of long-term membership in relationships, groups, or organizations which would imply certain duties and limitations on their freedom. They worry about being trapped in binding relationships where there are rules and demands on them that in their opinion would squelch their impulsive, freedom-loving search for new and interesting things and people to experience. They can overreact even to minor rules that don't affect them just as a matter of principle."

    Which doesn't sound like her

    Wheres the ENFJ MBTI equivalent in this system? both ENFp and ENFj seem very much like MBTI P types

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    SEE maybe?
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    Nah not that... needs more Jness structure, plans etc this is weird I would of thought it would of been EIE

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