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Thread: Socionics ISFps

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    Default Socionics ISFps

    How many ISFPs relate to this?

    (Also if you do, what subtype do you think you are in socionics' terms?)

    This is from WikiSocion. It's long, so let me explain. The first chunk is the SEI (ISFp) type functions explained (there are 8 in socionics) and the next thing is the subtypes, and finally the last is male-female descriptions. Be aware that it's Russian to English so sometimes it's not perfectly worded.

    I have to say, though, I find this to be the most accurate type description I've read, especially when I read the subtypes and the female (since I am female) portrait.

    SEI, ISFp

    Ego block

    SEIs have Si and Fe in their ego, which means that they are extremely attuned to the internal atmosphere of their bodies, and the external atmosphere around them in daily lives. This in effect means that an SEI knows when to use Fe to raise the mood of a group or an individual on account of their ability to sense physical states of people and groups gifted by Si. This pairing makes them especially skilled with interpersonal relationships.

    1. Introverted sensing
    SEIs have a strong connection to and ability to recognize internal physical states in themselves and others. They understand how these states are reached and are able to easily recreate or avoid them if desired. They are innately drawn to situations that satisfy their inner physical needs and experience. They are usually skilled at the art of recreation, enjoyment, and positive aesthetic experience.
    SEIs often feel that they are in a rush, both mentally and physically. Therefore, they can sometimes feel like they need to get everything done at once (which can be explained by the SEIs base and role functions). When an SEI starts a personal project, they often have the tendency to try to get concrete results in the shortest amount of time, which can lead to rushing and carelessness. This could lead to the SEI becoming stressed and overworked.
    Often unable to express their feelings well using words, the SEI will instead create "art" (artwork, food, writing, or any other aesthetic situations) to illustrate the comfort or discomfort that they are experiencing internally.
    SEIs try to make their living space comforting and appealing to the senses and strive to improve the lives of those they are close to.

    2. Extroverted ethics
    SEIs are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around them, either from an individual, a group, or even from inanimate objects and their physical environment. A positive emotional atmosphere is essential to their sense of well being and inner peace, and they either try to create that atmosphere by directly influencing their surrounding, or by simply removing themselves from the situation or people that in their view is the cause of a negative emotional environment. In the former case they often use humor to lighten the atmosphere by cracking jokes and lighthearted teasing.
    A SEI can also take the role of a "clown" of sorts to ensure all people are emotionally light and comfortable. SEIs are also capable of creating an intimate open atmosphere where others can be comfortable sharing their emotions or talking about their problems. SEIs also tend to mirror and heighten the emotions experienced by the group dynamically.
    SEIs are generally unable to conceal their feelings because their faces are so emotionally expressive. They display their comfort and discomfort vividly, and can often be seen wearing the widest smiles or the longest frowns.

    Super-Ego block

    SEIs have Ni blocked with Le in their super-ego. This means that they have trouble consolidating the idea of future concerns and "reliability" together. He does not believe that these concerns have any pertinence in his day-to-day life. Therefore,the day-to day nature of his existence outweigh ideas and objects that do not have a "here and now" or tangible outcome. SEIs don't focus on a process in action, or what the process is accomplishing, favoring a much more concrete approach to life.

    3. Introverted intuition
    SEIs are able to turn their attention to longer-term implications and personal imagination but only for brief periods; their natural preference is to concentrate on the immediate surroundings and sensations, or on the job at hand. If poorly developed, this function can lead him to extensively plan his future while failing to evaluate his reasons for doing so.
    Strangely, Albert Einstein (ENTp) mirrored the sentiments of his dual in a famous quote: "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." This correlates with the SEI viewpoint of the world. The SEI feels no need for planning, because he plans for the present, on a day-to-day basis while also realizing the immediacy of the future.
    Long term plans are often perceived as just as real as the surrounding world for the SEI. This can get the SEI into trouble when things don't work out as planned, leaving the SEI bewildered as to how things turned out how they did.

    4. Extroverted logic
    SEIs can be skeptical of beliefs, arguments, and actions that are based on external sources of information or oppose the SEI's values system. Therefore, an SEI could come off as stubborn or rigidly set in their ways. They put more trust in the expertise of someone who seems to have hands-on experience, even if limited, than of someone who demonstrates having read many books on the same subject.
    They can tend to tune out lengthy text-book explanations and information that requires especially concise explanations or language that they might have a relatively vague understanding or impression of. The reason for this is because the SEI always feels that "there is much more" to dry facts and statistics.
    People who are bossy and critical are disliked by the SEI because SEIs usually believe in taking action only when it is prudent for them. They are also prone to avoiding people who demand perfection because that can lead to feelings of inadequacy for the job at hand.

    Super-Id block

    The Ne blocked with Li in the super-id means that an SEI derive great enjoyment from ideas and concepts that stimulate his intellectual curiosity along with a great thirst for knowledge that builds upon the SEIs ideals. Anything concept that seems new and novel gains an enormous amount of attention from a SEI.

    5. Extroverted intuition
    SEIs have great respect and admiration for people who are always pursuing something new and different and are not tied down to material things. SEIs much appreciate people who believe in their potential, praise them for their unique skills, and offer them new opportunities in line with their interests. They themselves typically have difficulty drumming up new opportunities and establishing and maintaining far-reaching and useful contacts on their own. Also, they may often be unsure of how their talents and skills stack up to those of others, along with the difficulty identifying what unique talents he has.
    The mind of the SEI is most comfortable dealing with present difficulties, and people who are able to move her mind into future opportunities and goals are intensely appreciated.

    6. Introverted logic
    SEIs seek clarity in their system of beliefs and understanding. This can lead to them compulsively questioning or simply having a thirst for gaining knowledge. They are able to read much information on subjects relating to their daily lives, and if questioned on why they read, they would say something akin to "knowledge is power". With this knowledge, the SEI is able to build/edit his/her personal world.
    SEIs enjoy entertaining new concepts and being included in philosophical discussions where new concepts and systems of thought are introduced and developed. SEIs are aware that they are somehow limited in discovering knowledge on their own, so they search for catalysts to help them gain it. Finding these modes of learning and communication clarify what the SEI believes in, and fulfills their inner desire.

    Id block

    7. Extroverted sensing
    SEIs prefer to guide others by providing individual rewards and helping satisfy the needs of specific people that hold meaning in their lives rather than through direct leadership or issuing directives. They avoid confrontation, but become fierce and unbending for brief periods of time when they are fully unavoidable.
    He does not resonate well with the idea of beating the competition, preferring instead to listen to their internal desires and care for their own physical, emotional, and psychological well-being rather than doing what the outside world seems to demand or require of them.
    SEIs are adept at perceiving fights over power of a confrontational nature around them and are able to resist them or even actively participate in them if that is seen as unavoidable. However they see no point in giving these power struggles priority over their own sense of comfort and well-being. Participation in violent physical activities where such fights may take place, as in some sports, are motivated not by those fights themselves but by the stimulating sensations those activities generate, such as the release of adrenaline.

    8. Introverted ethics
    SEIs are quite adept at understanding the interactions in personal bonds between two individuals, even in the absence of an obvious external emotional expression; but they are inclined to regard them as of lesser importance, and less interesting, than the broader emotional interactions in the context of a larger group. Moreover, those personal bonds are perceived as situational and dynamic rather than static. Also, conventional morality often ties in with or being right and wrong. Being a mediator of sorts, the SEI shies away from such judgements.
    At times, the SEI can be angered at a lack of social competence exhibited by one who the SEI knows. Using his ego functions, the SEI is able to see how lack of this function can be detrimental to interpersonal bonds between the two individuals. Seeing problems such as this is irksome to the SEI, and he attempts to correct the situation with all deliberate speed, ignoring his ego at times.

    Common social roles/stereotypes

    *The person who always lightens things up, smooths the rough edges and sharp words of group communication and discussion, making people laugh, relax, and take things less seriously.

    *The lazy hedonist with a short attention span who loves to consume movies, music, shows, food, and drink and sees no reason to strain himself in life.

    *The aesthetic connoisseur who demonstrates incredible taste in art, in cuisine, or in fashion and lives for aesthetic pleasure.


    Si subtype: (The Hedonist)
    (Valentine Meged & Anatoly Ovcharov) Their dialogue provides the impression of a quiet, soft person. They love rest and comfort, and they are practical and attempt to portray refined taste. They are often engaged in fine art as a hobby. They are benevolent and tactful, their presence pacifies others. They try to sympathize with others, assist them and provide advice. They like to speak about sensations and attentively questions the interlocutor in regards to his/her affairs. They are often sluggish in behavior, slow in conversation, and they can slightly stretch out their words; sometimes without any formulated idea. Even when speaking rapidly, they will not hasten to end the conversation; They are able to speak long about the same thing repeatedly. They constantly smile with confidence, nod their head as a token of support, have lazy, smooth movements and refined, graceful gestures. May appear to waddle, or have “duck” gait, but their clothes and accessories are sometimes able to draw the attention of others.
    (Victor Gulenko) Possess a good aesthetical taste; this can manifest in their clothing, interior decoration, and job. This artist is frequently drawn to depicting landscapes and still lifes. They are a judge of the savoir vivre; for them, comfort is very important. They are sybarites and take care of their external appearance. They are hedonists, and they love to provide pleasure both to themselves and to others. Outwardly, they are a bit more stout than the ethical subtype.
    (Sexual behaviour) they are very sexual, inventive and diverse in their intimate plans. Although appearing soft, they persistently display initiative in the approach. Knows how to persuade. Diplomatic and farsighted; love stability in relations and will not easily forgive betrayal. They are inclined to emotional enthusiasm, but do not always follow the call of their feelings. They need someone capable of winning their respect and admiration through uncommon abilities – these will aid for a long time in preserving their interest.

    Fe subtype: (The Harmonizer) <- I relate to this, personally.
    (Valentine Meged & Anatoly Ovcharov) They appear alive, emotional and free in their dialogue. They are able to easily string together lines of dialogue while willingly paying compliments; this ease carries a shade of familiarity. Shyness can be overcome by playful remarks; they easily speak ironically in a serious/valid tone. They often joke and can speak even of unpleasant things with a smile, but they are sure not to offend the person; they are precautionary and careful. At times they are impatient and restless, from time to time they quarrel with others but are easily appeased and forgiving. Usually optimistic; like to give and receive pleasure; often gives people compliments and often renders various services; are able to cheer up and encourage others. Seem serene for they are prone to hide negative emotions from strangers/simple acquaintances. They speak quickly and confidently, at times categorically, with imperative intonations. Appears noticeable and quick, at times significant; movements are assured and graceful but a little bit gusty.
    (Victor Gulenko) Emotional ethics are intensified. They are emotionally expressive and sociable, enters easily into any company, appears to be an extrovert. Loves practical and spacious clothes, about which they are not very choosy – they can also walk around shabbily. Artistic, frequently performs the role of instigator. They easily find themselves in amateur artistic activity, can be a musician, actor, advertising agent, or poet.
    (Sexual behaviour) They are romantic in love, emotional and eloquent. Are reasonable and yielding yet often touchy and wounded; subjected to sharp fluctuations of mood. They may hurry events and manifest impatience. Values frequent sexual contacts. Frequently inconstant in their feelings, but very attentive to those whom they love. At first, they can be tormented by uncertainty, then, intrigued, they are able to take the initiative. When interest in their partner lessens, he can be energized with mild jealousies.


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    MALE & FEMALE Portraits

    Male Portrait
    The SEI male is usually in a good mood. He is amiable and exudes cordiality and warmth. His smile is remarkably good-natured and there is a calmness about his demeanour which makes him pleasant to be around. He is likable and down-to-earth as well as understanding and caring.
    He is usually shorter than average, and often has a rounded figure. If he's overweight, he can resemble a good-natured lout. The SEI can also be quite thin, however, and remain like this his whole life.
    The SEI's wardrobe contains comfortable as well as fashionable clothes. He can look equally stylish in sports wear as in expensive suits. His hair is often wavy and thick, and cut short in a way that flatters his face.
    The SEI male is extremely sociable. He can strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street, and in five minutes appear like he's known the person since birth. He has many friends and acquaintances.
    The SEI is very adept at being able to read and manage the emotions of the people around him – especially those emotions which are externally manifested. These he can label with great accuracy. It can be difficult to hide from him your real state of affairs, whether good or bad. The SEI requires emotional support and comfort from others, and seeks approval and understanding. He is easily hurt by mean behaviour.
    He is always ready to entertain, and is a captivating story-teller, often being found at the center of attention. Usually the stories he tells are about everyday occurrences ("We sat together after dinner and worked out a deal that was mutually beneficial for us.”), unexpected encounters ("We had our hens all loaded up and were on our way when suddenly I saw my old friend who I’d gone to university with."), fishing ("You will not believe it - I just caught this magnificent trout!") and entertainment ("We went to the opera! Such elegant decor and vividly-coloured walls! What beautiful, rich voices!"). Generally, his stories are centered around people, and contain many sensory details. He can tell gripping, suspense-filled stories in a dynamic fashion, using his natural expressiveness to entertain.
    The SEI male has good taste in food and is often a good cook himself. He is a hospitable host and loves making sure that all of his guests are well-fed and entertained. Receiving compliments on the quality of his entertainment makes the experience even more pleasurable for the SEI. Generally, he is not conceited or arrogant. The SEI can mix in any company, always employing diplomacy and good taste.
    He can be distinguished from many men of other types by his gentleness, patience, interest in others’ affairs, and non-argumentative nature. The SEI is outgoing (with a few exceptions), but has no desire to lead or play the hero. He likes to be on good terms with everyone, and avoids arguments and fights. Often, this is to ensure that those around him can enjoy a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. If a conflict does arise, he is skillful at being able to quickly pacify those involved. He can appear to be quietly principled because of such behaviour, but he doesn't really view himself as such, being that he has a natural distaste for conflict and is mainly acting to avoid unpleasant situations.
    The SEI male is fascinated by the feminine sex. He welcomes opportunities to meet with all sorts of women, and finds them enjoyable company. He can be extremely attentive and caring towards women to the point that they can find it hard to resist his charms. If he is disposed towards marriage, he will easily find someone suitable, and will be able to get along with her no matter how difficult her nature.
    If the SEI doesn’t wish to get married, however, he can flit from partner to partner. They can appear and disappear from his life one by one, and sometimes even be present simultaneously (e.g. wife and mistress). As a rule, however, none of them will seriously be hurt by his behaviour. Most likely, this is because the SEI is adept at avoiding conflict. Also, the women usually find him too charming to protest to any great degree. If the situation gets out of hand, however, he knows how to butter up those involved and calm things down.
    Usually though, the SEI male strives for marriage. He is a domestic, down-to-earth man who sincerely loves his family and children. He values the warmth of family relations, the cosiness of home, and loves when everyone is together. He is naturally concerned for his loved ones, and keeps track of such things as their health, insisting that they go to the doctor, etc. He makes sure that all family members are satisfied and well-cared for. He is inclined to marry again should his wife die.
    The SEI male has an elegant and refined taste, and likes antiques and things of value. His home is often decorated in a highly original fashion. His style combines comfort and beauty. He may even do the manual work himself, but this depends on who he would be doing it for. In fact, he doesn’t like to be ordered around by others, and may take an eternity to get around to starting a project if this is the case. Then one day, he’ll suddenly just “be in the mood”, and complete the entire thing himself. He is very good with his hands, so his work is usually of top quality.
    This is not a frequent occurrence, however, because he is generally a lazy person. If a problem arises in whatever work he’s doing, he can simply adjourn to the sofa, and spend hours extending into days there, assuming this attitude with the casual grace of a tomcat. He is by nature a man of leisure, and loves being waited on hand and foot so he isn't obliged to expend unnecessary energy.
    It would be a mistake to be fooled by his gentleness and easygoing nature though. At crunch time, he is well able to stand up for himself (or for another person), and can retaliate with a force that matches his opponent, blow by blow. There is a story of a SEI man, a supervisor at his workplace, who had to refuse leave to a young man just before the holiday season (the man was planning to go home to his bride). Enraged by his refusal, the young man threatened to break into his home and kill the SEI along with his wife. He didn’t wait long. On the evening before the holiday, the man got drunk, broke into his house, and brandishing a knife, threw it at his supervisor. Despite the fact that the SEI was sick with a high fever, he didn’t faint or lose his cool, but demonstrated great physical strength and fearlessness. He did the only thing he could, grabbing the knife directly by the blade with a force that ripped it out the hands of the young man, effectively saving himself and his wife from death. Later, it was found that all of the tendons in his hand had been cut through.
    The abilites of the SEI man don’t lie in such careers as engineering or bookkeeping. Sometimes he will start his own business, only to rapidly go bankrupt. The fact is he doesn’t have a very good business head at all and will struggle to keep it afloat. He is good, however, at pawning any excess or faulty stock off on unsuspecting relatives.
    The SEI man is best suited to careers that involve working with people, and also those which require an ability with the hands or a refined taste. Examples of professions that he is especially suited to include the following: artist, restorer of antiques, designer, chef, barber, tailor, and sculptor. His handiwork is of high quality.

    Female Portrait
    Kind, courteous, gentle - these are just a few words that can be used to describe the female SEI. She is characteristically feminine in her style, and can be imagined wearing such things as furs and elegant hats. She has an elegance about her bearing that everyday clothes do nothing to dispel. Her movements are graceful and smooth – there is no angularity about her person.
    The first encounter with the female SEI is fascinating. She jokes, flirts skilfully, and is able to quickly bypass formalities and enter into a relationship of familiarity. Her movements are gentle and charming.
    Even casual clothes don’t prevent the female SEI from looking attractive. She is second to none at making sure her clothes and accessories are coordinated colour-wise with her hair, eyes, lips, and skin. She has skilful hands, and is often a wonderful seamstress, creating whatever she desires. She is modest about her dress, making sure her blouses are not too low-cut. Usually, she wears single-tone shirts paired with coloured scarfs draped artistically around her neck. In short, her whole image marks her as a woman of impeccable taste.
    An SEI employee of a business agency gave a briefing to a new candidate, a young girl, who in turn spread the story around the office. In the briefing, the SEI had surprised the girl by mentioning nothing of business qualities required for the new job, nothing of tardiness, taking too much time on breaks, or reading during operating time. She had simply said this: “It is absolutely compulsory to dress properly. Your physical appearance must be above reproach. Memorise this – this is the key to your success.”
    The SEI female has a slightly rounded, soft-looking face, and often appears to be daydreaming. At any time, however, her quiet pensiveness can turn suddenly into charming, musical laughter. Usually, she is quite delicate - sometimes even shy and unsure of herself. It is difficult to imagine her ever being rough or using offensive language.
    She is viewed as being principled, mysterious, and flirtatious by members of the opposite sex. She is easily entertained and laughs at their jokes, but is also adept at being able to deflect unwanted attention. She has a good understanding of relationships, and knows how to keep them interesting. As a man shows ingenuity, wit, and originality in his attentions towards her, he is advanced in her favour one small step at a time. In this manner, a relationship develops. She can appear more and more interesting the further the relationship progresses and the deeper she is understood.
    The SEI woman is an excellent homemaker. She is a tender wife and outstanding mother. She selflessly loves her children, and can play for hours on end with them. For her family, she is willing to give up her career and doesn’t regret this decision, being that she gets enormous pleasure from supporting and caring for her husband, living around her children’s interests, and managing household concerns. In the case of divorce or the death of her husband, she will likely remarry – not so much because of loneliness, but of her deep desire to care for someone.
    Two characteristics are most prominent in this type – unusual patience and a willingness to help others. It is very rare for her to act selfishly - her magnanimity knows practically no bounds. She is always ready to understand and forgive her husband, smooth over any awkward issues, and make allowances for careless or rough behaviour. She is always understanding, and employs the patience of an angel.
    Women also can tend to confide in her. She is sympathetic, and gives them a shoulder to lean on while they cry or share good news with her. She will comfort and support them, feed them, and generally try to lift their spirits and distract them from their troubles. This cheers them up temporarily, after which she will begin to get to the heart of the matter, and heal their deeper wounds.
    The SEI woman’s concern is not just for a person’s emotional state, but also for their physical. She is an excellent cook and will make sure no guest of hers goes hungry. Even the relatives are spoiled with her signature dishes, pickles, jams, pancakes, etc. No one is better than her at preparing delicious meals. She loves to send invitations and arrange small dinner parties, surprising everyone with her culinary talents and charming guests with her quiet, but deeply expressive nature.
    The SEI woman’s home is one of warmth in which you are always treated with affection and made to feel welcome. No matter how modest her home may be, it is comfortable and decorated tastefully. Flowers are abundant in her garden, and animals are attracted to it.
    This woman is characterised by a consistently optimistic nature. As a rule, she is undemanding, patient, modest, and unassuming. She is exceptionally good with children, and loves to indulge them, but in a way that doesn’t spoil them. She is strict with them when required. A quiet, domestic angel, she doesn’t lose heart even in the worst of times. She will stand up for herself and her loved ones if required, though in most cases, her tact and understanding of others renders such a step unnecessary.
    It may seem to some that this domestic, romantic-type woman wouldn’t be inclined to learning, but this is not the case. She honestly loves studying sciences and passes exams with ease, often charming the lecturers (who are mostly male) and obtaining good marks. The SEI female is, however, more suited to a career such as fashion designing as opposed to engineering. Careers that involve working with people or children are also good choices for her.

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    This shows both subtypes:


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    I can totally relate to paragraphs 1,3,6,7,8, and the Hedonist subtype, as well as the last half of the Harmonizer subtype.
    ... They say that knowledge is free, and to truly acquire wisdom always comes with a price... Well then,... That will be $10, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prototype View Post
    I can totally relate to paragraphs 1,3,6,7,8, and the Hedonist subtype, as well as the last half of the Harmonizer subtype.
    Interesting. I'm sure INFps and ISFps share much in common.

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    I can relate to the descriptions, both the main one and the male one. I relate mostly to The Hedonist subtype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maliafee View Post
    How many ISFPs relate to this?
    All socionics ISFPs are MBT's ISFPs, because preferences in MBT do not contradict to understanding of preferences in socionics. Description of ISFP in MBT beyond preferences is wrong because of wrong functional model by Myers wich seriously contradicts to Jung's functional model, plus bad description of Jung's functions by Myers.

    I do not recommend to use Myers's descriptions for types, especially for introverted types. Use Jung's descriptions, by his followers (like von Franz), and socioncs.

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    The hedonist style fits me quite well. The description of the female however doesn't. I'm not usually a domestic godess. I'm too ADD for that. I get the feeling the guy who wrote the description up maybe had an affair with one of his ISFP students! It seems very romanticized, almost like a perfect model of femininity. I've been told I give off a lot of those qualities but excellent homemaker? ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol_ View Post
    All socionics ISFPs are MBT's ISFPs, because preferences in MBT do not contradict to understanding of preferences in socionics. Description of ISFP in MBT beyond preferences is wrong because of wrong functional model by Myers wich seriously contradicts to Jung's functional model, plus bad description of Jung's functions by Myers.
    If the types always line up, then they must be describing the same phenomenon in the same way. As it stands, this is not the case, since MBTI's interpretation of Jung's work is different than the interpretation that Socionics uses--and, as a result, there is a contradiction between the understanding of preferences in each system. If the two systems define the functions in different ways, then, naturally, there is room for an individual to prefer one function in MBTI and another in Socionics.

    If you apply the corrections to MBTI that would make it and Socionics line up in all cases, then you're not talking about MBTI anymore--it's become another model.

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    The SEI male portrait is right on for the subtypes....I really find no clear choice between them....
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