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    Default Mobile phone hacks or cloning

    Does anyone know anything about this? How difficult would it be for instance for someone to swap out a sim, would you notice if they had done so, would swapping the sim allow them to create a fix or is such a fix possible that they could copy text messages sent from one phone to another in their possession?

    I'm not talking about conspiracy theories or government bugging or the whole "smurfs" hack which supposedly allows intelligence agencies to activated Samsung phones or Smart TVs to listen, view, record, switch on, switch off devices, though I would be interested in those developments too if there are any good links to legit sources of information on that.

    I'm talking more about the sorts of things that it was reported tabloid journalists were doing in the UK to the phones of missing persons or hacks performed by criminals, stalkers that kind of thing.

    I read about some guy who created a listening device by dismantling a mobile phone and putting the parts into an adapter plug, then when he rang the number attached to the "phone", which was on silent he was able to listen to whoever was in the room which had the adapter plug in it.
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