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    Anyone ever see the movie Capricorn One?

    Trust me, people are doing themselves a favor by not signing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivercrow View Post
    And maybe this kind of thing will prove educational as well.
    Recognition of a loss of seriousness and dignity? Or that NASA is just another workplace?

    Apropos, whenever I read (or now think) about the perp's disguise, I see that woman in a blond fright wig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Twelve astronauts to be locked up in a self-contained Mars-emulating biosphere here on Earth for seventeen months, to evaluate the potential psychological effects on people. 500 have applied; only 19 are women.

    Would you go? Why or why not?

    Which MBTI types do you think could successfully coexist for seventeen long months in a confined space, without things getting ugly?

    What sort of psychological pressures can you imagine that would accompany such an experience?

    To start the ball rolling, I have to mention the thought of sex if the "dirty dozen" are of mixed genders. How will the dynamics play out over seventeen long months, especially if cold showers are not available? How do people pair off? Will there be monogamous relationships or promiscuous ones? Will men end up fighting over the female staff? It could be extremely volatile, depending...
    I could never do it- my husband has a hard enough time getting me to leave the house! HA! I don't even fly on planes! My overactive imagination and belief in things going wrong is too strong,lol.

    You have asked some really good and interesting questions. I really don't know which types would be best- though I am thinking maybe ISTP or ISTJ.
    I thought it was neat to see an INTP on here say that they'd do it and go.

    I really don't know how to answer the rest of the questions but it certainly is food for thought. I really admire people who can be so adventurous like that and go into space. It would be neat to talk to some real live astronauts and ask them what their experience was like and how the social dynamics work in a situation like that. I don't think I know enough about what goes into going into space and even preparing for it to really make any guesses and good comments.
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    I could do it as long as Paulie Shore wasn't there.

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    I would do it. All through childhood I wanted to be an astronaut, and I didn't give it up until I stopped the application process for the Naval Academy.

    It's not being an astronaut, but it's the closest I could get, and I would be contributing.

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    Hmm 11 people I'd have to actively avoid in close enough quarters? No thank you. I would be terrible on this mission.
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