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    Hmm... to those who are criticizing that drug, I'm not so sure that it wouldn't be a suitable punishment for criminals, especially those who have committed more serious crimes like rape or murder. First off, as the presenter mentioned in the video, it would save everyone a lot of time and money in the process. And second, I think a millennium's worth of thoughts in the mind of a prisoner could do one of two things:

    1) Drive that person crazy (in my opinion, insanity is so much worse than death), or

    2) Give him/her the "time" needed to think over the crime, to regret and to repent.

    So if the drug proves to be successful, I'm all in favor of it being used for this purpose.
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    This is a very interesting idea, but I suspect that 1,000 years of compressed time would not in fact result in a millenium's worth of self-reflection; it'd probably be like being sleep deprived and/or amped up on too much caffeine.

    That said, an inmate might do some serious self-reflection after recovering from the hell of a millennium of sleep deprivation. I know I would!

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    Imagine reconnecting with your friends and loved ones after feeling like you've been away for 1,000 years. They would probably think you're crazy.
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    Considering no human has lived to 200, let alone 1000+, I don't think this'd be a particularly great idea. I imagine an actual drug like this would not make 8 hours feel like 1000 years, though.

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