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  • I'm a hippy and I'm proud of it. Also, I have proof it works. No aluminum DO for me!

    3 7.69%
  • I'm kind of a hippy, but I was brought up that way, and/or I like moral aspects of the trend.

    4 10.26%
  • This is a thing? Who's Jenny McCarthy? I mean, I guess both are fine.

    4 10.26%
  • Science trumps turnips all day. Beets and apples won't keep you from having eczema hunny, sorry.

    24 61.54%
  • I don't really care at all. I can't afford either of them anyways.

    4 10.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIjade View Post
    I'll see if I can restrain myself and not post here. It might turn into a... problem.
    Yeah. It's difficult to debate with someone who doesn't recognize the right of human beings to deny invasive medical care, and who doesn't have alarm bells knowing that their nation in particular profits from illness and obesity, while doctors in other nations are doctors because they want to help people, not collect astronomical salaries. Also, people turn naturally to homeopathic medicine when they're poor and uninsured, and there's something fundamentally wrong with a profession that requires of their "medical personell" torturous lack of sleep, de rigeur, and nurses are thankful to "only" work 16 hours...medical professionals are the number one group of people likely to become addicted to pharmaceuticals, because the way they are treated is ironically unhealthy. Also many health problems in the US ARE ACTUALLY FOOD RELATED.

    Do some people take it too far? Probably. Some people don't understand that herbs can still be toxic, or that while aspirin is preferable to liver killing advil, it's not necessary to take white willow bark, because aspirin is mostly just high concentration of white willow bark, lol.

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    There's easy access hope is in abundance.

    The stars told me so.
    "Some people reflect light, some deflect it, you by some miracle, seem to collect it." - Mark Z. Danielewski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrysanthe View Post
    I almost bought into the detoxification business (Spirulina, Chlorella, Niacin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Alkaline Diet, Veganism, etc.)... I stopped researching stuff like this because I realized I would never be able to afford it. At the time my intentions were to awaken my Third Eye (the pineal gland) and gain more control over my life through strict dieting but I never really got far enough... as far as I know it could still be plausible.
    We are a prosperous country, and the standard Australian diet (SAD) is readily available. However it is possible to eat a more healthy diet here cheaply because we have no Goods and Services Tax on staples.

    Here are the foods free from a Goods and Services Tax in Australia -

    Bread and bread rolls without a sweet coating (such as icing) or filling – a glaze is not considered a sweet coating

    Cooking ingredients, such as flour, sugar, pre-mixes and cake mixes
    Fats and oils for cooking

    Unflavoured milk, cream, cheese and eggs

    Spices, sauces and condiments

    Bottled drinking water

    Fruit or vegetable juice (of at least 90% by volume of juice of fruit or vegetables)

    Tea and coffee (unless ready-to-drink)

    Baby food and infant formula

    All meats for human consumption (except prepared meals or savoury snacks)

    Fruit, vegetables, fish and soup (fresh, frozen, dried, canned or packaged)

    Spreads for bread (such as honey, jam and peanut butter)

    Breakfast cereals.

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