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Thread: The Ouya gaming console.....

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    There are still a lot of good PC games, but I guess it's just become more niche. If something can be done on a console, even poorly, then the console iteration will take precedent (like in the case of shooters). The games that simply can't be done right on a console are now the bread and butter of PC gaming. Real time strategy and mmorpgs especially. As long as console versions of those type of games keep sucking ass, the PC market will live.

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    What I want is a way to put my money against anothers.

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    It's a nice idea in theory, but execution is another thing entirely.

    Most Android games are designed specifically for a tablet interface and touch screens. Its the crux of the operating system. They will probably get a few developers behind this, but I don't see many companies getting behind this long term. Exclusives are going to be near non-existant - its an unproven platform with no actual customer support as of yet.

    Anyway, the game you get will largely be inferior alternatives to console titles. What works on a touch screen and what works with a controller are two very different things. Why would you want to play a poorly realised first person shooter with limited playtime and a miniscule amount of content when you could be playing the real deal?

    This will sink like the Titanic.

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