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Thread: Universal AC adapter?

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    Default Universal AC adapter?

    Looks like one company is trying to solve this problem once and for all-

    Support grows for universal power adapter | The Industry Standard

    The company: Green Plug - Universal Power Adapter - DC Power Converter & Charger - One World. One Plug.

    The concept is a universal AC adapter with a standard hookup that other electronics will have to support (including some microchip and firmware in their device) so that when they hook up, the exact power requirements are negotiated through some digital interface included with the plug and the AC adapter will begin sending the proper power across the wire.

    Neat idea, I think they're going to have a big uphill battle getting other electronics mfr's to comply, although Westinghouse has pledged their cooperation. I would imagine they could also make "Green Plug-to-legacy-power" adapters, ie a small node with the firmware built in that connects to the Green Plug and provides a typical legacy-style coaxial jack on the other end.

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    IT'S ABOUT TIME. I told someone recently "It won't be long before they have an industry standard for power connectors, just like USB"

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