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Thread: How the hell...

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    Default How the hell...

    I don't know if any of you heard, but recently there was some soldier who accidentally stepped on a mine while wandering through some battlefield with his platoon... I don't really remember much of the story except that, he stepped on the mine, and threw himself on the mine to shield his team.

    Apparently, he didn't even get hurt at all.

    I'm not positive, but from what I understand, the bomb went of the right way, but the guy didn't take any damage. Nor did his team.

    How the fuck did that happen?

    My best guess is he was lucky enough to have maybe his gun strapped over himself so instead of blowing a hole in him, the gun took all the damage and transferred it evenly enough over his body that instead it just launched him up or something.
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    The soldier was British. He covered the mine with his backmounted radio; he also had a kevlar vest. The explosion was diffused by both the radio and vest. He had the presence of mind to lie back on the mine and in so doing saved some of his platoon and probably himself.

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    Could it be... SATAN????

    ... no, very cool. Awesome, in fact. Wish there were more stories like that.
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    Being a person of faith, I tend not to analyze these kinds of things. I just accept that that was the way it was supposed to happen. I've seen the "odds" defied too many times.. in both directions... not to see it that way.

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