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Thread: The earthquake today was odd

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    Default The earthquake today was odd

    It was kind of weird last night to wake up, than have the room start shaking. (I had wondered whether it was an earthquake, but than figured I had imagined it as an earthquake seems pretty unlikely.)

    For those who like in areas with a lot more earthquakes, I haven't grown up feeling any, so will have made this thread.

    information. apparently, it wasn't that big, but is unusual where I live to have feelable earthquakes.

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    I felt some shaking this morning, I thought I was still really sleepy and imaging it. I could have been imaging it. I think I was, but then again I've never been in an earthquake either.
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    We had an earthquake in the UK a few weeks ago, is the first one i have felt...very strange, i didn't like it.
    My sister was so shaken up by it, she rang me at 2 in the morning and i sent my husband down to make her a cuppa.

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    It woke me up. I was conscious enough to register that it was an earthquake and that it had stopped, then I went back to sleep. When I got up this morning, I wasn't sure whether or not I had dreamed it so I checked Yahoo news right away. I didn't feel the aftershock (or whatever it was) this morning even though I was wide awake and at the mall.
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    It woke me up too - startled me before I realized what it was. Just not the kind of thing we have around here very often. I did feel the aftershock at around 10:30 this morning, but not the others (apparently there were at least three).

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    I slept through the main one at 5:30, but felt the aftershock about 11:15 Friday morning. It felt vaguely euphoric (that might be just because I've never felt an earthquake before though).

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    I felt both. The first one I was in a dealership garage by myself in the dark when all the garage doors started rattling I felt better when I saw the pickup truck next to me rocking and I figured out it was an earthquake.

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