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Thread: Link Found Between Low IQ and Big Belly

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    I even do not get why its intelligent to live healthy. that maybe so if you want to live long or care about your looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Words of Ivory View Post
    Yes, most of us are fully aware that our own personal experiences are not the end all and be all of scientific research.

    Most of us simply aren't taking this ridiculous "study" with any level of seriousness, and how universally ridiculous any sort of correlation between these two things is.
    That would depend on how much you care about this study. Some people go bonkers over the study that links populations of non-circumcised males to higher HIV rates. (This study took place in Africa.) That it is a mere correlation study does nothing to dispel the truth of the conclusion in their heads, which is that being non-circumcised increases the odds of acquiring HIV. But the issue is such a heated one for some people that they completely forget that correlation does not mean causality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xisnotx View Post
    People waste money on studies that mean nothing.

    My school found a corrleation between happiness and success.
    I think my university once used federal funding to determine that people who want sex but can't get any are less happy than other people.

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