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Thread: free antivirus

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    Quote Originally Posted by burymecloser View Post
    Yeah, it is service pack 1.
    That's your problem then. If I were you, I would upgrade the service pack and then install AVG. *takes off Tech Support hat*
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    Microsoft Security Essentials is very good and actually pretty highly rated among free and even paid antivirus. /inb4zomgMSsuxorz

    Also, XP is up to service pack 3 now. A lot of stuff won't work without you upgrading to that in the first place.

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    I actually had a similar problem. At one point, I attempted to upgrade Avast and it must have messed with some network settings because it wouldn't let me back online. I did a system restore and then uninstalled it. Comodo Antivirus is quite good and I've heard good things about Microsoft Security Essentials as well. In my opinion, AVG used to be the top AV several years ago but they've slipped in the ratings recently.
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    If you're using any of the free third party firewalls, there's likely conflict with Avast 6.0.

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